Tuesday, May 17, 2011

C'mon Baby.....Kindle Me!!

If I don't seem to be around much anymore blame my family. They Kindled me for my birthday - I actually jumped for joy!! (And my birthday is still 9 days away!! They must really love me!!)

I was planning to purchase one for myself when we moved east in 3 years because my favorite newspaper, "The National Post", isn't delivered to my remote farmhouse or surrounding area. Knowing that I can't live without my newspaper meant investing in a reader of some sort and having the paper delivered by "whispernet" - (doesn't that sound cool, kind of CIAish) at 5:45am each morning. Perfect!! That's the time I get up in the morning!! And I'll never have to go outside on a winter's morning and find an empty mailbox because the newspaper van couldn't get through the snowdrifts!!

Recently my nephew was showing me his Kindle (sounds kinky but it's not, Mark), and all of it's cool features and I thought to myself (though I may have said it out loud)..."wow, I want one of those!" This from an avid book fan, this from a person who said they could NEVER use a reader, that's just blasphemy!!  Well, I'm converted! 

I will always love to hold a book, but there is definitely a place in my life for a Kindle. 

On another note I am happy, actually overjoyed to report that finally, in it's third year, my lilac tree is going to bloom!!! 

Yay! I'm not a failure as a gardener after all!!


  1. Okay, I get it. Apparently I'm a big Perv. What's even sadder is that the title first grabbed me as being dirty. Seriously, what's wrong with me? And then you have to go and make it obvious to the world. Oh well!
    Alrighty then, so you got a Kindle. There goes the one that I just bought for you.
    No, no. Forget about it now. I'll just leave a comment on your birthday post and you'll just have to be happy with that.
    Congrats on your bloom!
    Your dirty Friend, m.

  2. You'll love your kindle. I got mine for Christmas in 2009 and I love being able to get a book right away. I can pre-order my favourite authors and on release date it's downloaded into my kindle. I can go on-line (if I want to look at the titles in color and browse/order) or do it from my kindle. I have the Edmonton Journal as my daily paper and I love never missing an issue. It's awesome. And the absolute best thing....no more piles of paper to recyle. And that goes for books too. Most of the ones I get I read just the once. Anyway, enjoy it!

  3. Ooo cool gift!

    Love your bleeding hearts and congrats on your lilac. We have a lilac and I love love love it. It smells so good.

  4. Very cool! I hope you enjoy it :-) I have always said I don't want one, but you never know I guess. If I had a chance to play with one I might reallly get into it.

  5. Woohoo!!! Awesome gift! :) My sis has one & loves it to bits! I use iBooks on my iPad & love it too....it's just SO easy! :)

  6. Lilac's are my absolute favorite and every year your bush will grow and blossom more! Enjoy.

    I have enough Amazon gift certificates to snag the Kindle now - which I have been wanting for so long. However, I find myself wondering if I should get a Tablet PC.....

  7. Happy early birthday :) I love the idea of the Kindle. My only dilemma is that my cats are hard on books-they'll spill my water on my novel du jour, they knock it off my bedside table for fun, etc., so I think it would get destroyed in short order. That said, on our last holiday, my bags were overweight because I brought so many books, so this might be the solution! Enjoy it-you could read and then gaze at your beautiful lilacs-what a life!

  8. Happy Birthday Jane. Sounds like you got the perfect gift - hadn't thought about getting newspapers on tablets, that's pretty cool.

  9. Mark - see? I knew that post title would get to you! Can you tell that I'm surrounded by pervs in my family hahhahhah! Sad, but true! Woops, that's Perv with a capital P!

    Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes, and Carla, I would be interested in a Kindle Cover!!


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