Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Most Thrilling Post Ever

 While driving to the trailer a couple of weeks ago I happened to espy out of the corner of my eye "the perfect barn"!!! Yes, I know, it's an amazing specimen isn't it? This is the style of barn I want to build, or is it "raise"? out in PEI?
Look at that solid stone foundation, the board and batten siding, the cedar shake roof, the coachlights...

 the double doors so I can drive out on my tractor vroom vroom, the mansard roof, the side porch...The mansard roof allows for maximum height up in the loft - I'll have a real glass window from my insulated writing nook so I can look out over the trees and fields...

 and my side porch will have a hanging swing for two and perhaps a railing to put our feet up on...
One end will have a leanto added on for seasoning wood for our woodstove
like this sorta...

So now that I've put you all asleep I can sneak by you that I just lost all my money buying some swampy land in El Salvador and I can't afford to pay my bail after I was caught shoplifting penny rollers at Walmart...sob!!



  1. love the barn! needs to be red though! I always thought it'd be neat to convert one to live in with the loft and all - just needs more light!


  2. You are so butch! I'm strangely attracted to you. Maybe I'm not gay afterall!
    Your Friend, m.

  3. It's always thrilling to hear of your plans for your idyllic retirement coming together. :)

  4. cute barn!
    we live in surburbia and there is a house with a red barn and mini windmill in his yard, caused quite a stir when he first built it amongst the boring homeowevers here but it looks lovely.

  5. That barn is fabulous! I'm going to suggest no railing though. Why?? Well, I have railing on both my front porch and back deck and when I am sitting and reading or just relaxing it steals from my view. It honestly is a topic of discussion here in my home. I keep threatening to pull out a chainsaw. :)

    Maybe something lower than a standard rail, so when seated it doesn't hit eye level. Just a thought.

    Otherwise I am with you 100% - love it! Love it! Love it!

  6. Susanna - red is nice for barns for I'm thinking of yellow to match the house. And using the cedar shakes just like the house too.

    Mark - there is no doubt I'm a regular tomboy (tom man? I am over 40 after all ;) and my favorite stores are hardware stores, but wait til you see me in a DRESS then I'm sure you'll be repelled!!

    Psychsarah - awww thanks, you are always so sweet!!

    Louise: barns are so multi-functional, I just love them!

    Borrower - thanks!! and your thoughts about the railing have given me something to think about. The view is VERY important and I don't want ANYTHING to block it!

  7. Wow, I'm not a "barn girl" but that is a pretty sweet barn! Thanks for sharing ;)

  8. Jane I feel a little out of the loop because I am so busy just now.

    But my spirits lifted when I saw your beautiful barn no wonder you sound so excited, I can so see you and Michael on that swing.

  9. Oh I love it. The stone and the board and batten. You have really great tastes. If I were going to get a barn this would be it. I guess I have great tastes too.

  10. Mark is nuts! But we all knew that!
    I love it, thanks for sharing the barn with us!

  11. oh, my, that really IS the perfect barn, isn't it?!


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