Thursday, May 5, 2011

Progress Report: 2011 Goals

It's time to start reviewing my 2011 goals to see if I am "on track" 
or in the ditch, broken and bleeding.
(I'm feeling melodramatic!)

One of my 2011 goals is to bike all the way to Alberton, PEI, using the stationary bike down in my basement and also my street bike now that the weather is finally improving.
So far I have cycled 1117km, leaving 875 to go.
I am proud of my progress but am a little worried I won't complete my journey before June 30th which is when I travel to PEI for REALS!!! (by car)

So I did a quick little calculation and find that if I bike 15km per day from now until June 30th I can make my goal a reality! 
That seems doable.

I biked outside today (first time the sun has shone in what seems like eons) and then I drove the route to see how far it is and guess what???
I can't hear you!  
Guess what???
That's better!!!
It was exactly 15.0 kms!!!!
How perfect is that!!
Of course, it is unlikely that everyday will be nice enough to bike outside, if the last few weeks is anything to go by, so no doubt I'll continue to
bike downstairs as well.  I usually do 20km when I cycle indoors so that will help me out in case I miss a day or two due to unforeseen circumstances...
like weekends out of town!!!  I have two weekends away this month alone...
oh no!! Well, I'll work it out somehow.
And if I don't make my goal by June 30th well.....


  1. You will make that goal! I know you will - because from what I can tell you wont' accept anything less from yourself.

    So - let's say you do 30km on Saturday and Sunday a few weekends - then you'll have some "banked" km's for the time you are away =)

  2. Hi Jane,

    You can use gmaps pedometer to measure your biking distance and save some gas money (if you are interested). I use it to check out my running distance often.

    Good luck with your distance! PEI is so beautiful.

  3. wow! that's a lot of biking!

    I pulled out my Wii a few days ago and did Walk It Out where you walk around Rhythm Island and 'buy' stuff with your steps. The batteries are low I think so didn't do it yesterday but bought batteries after work this morning(MY batteries were low today though!) so maybe this weekend I'll get to walk some again!

    I don't have a stationary bike - I have a bike but it needs some repairs but I'm too chicken to ride in traffic - not too coordinated! I'm probably the only person who can look over my traffic and fall over or run over something while doing so!


  4. Maybe you need to invest in a spedometer for your bike. I have one that tallies the miles(KM), calories burned, shows temp and a few other things. I bought it at Dicks for maybe $20. I really like it - especially when trying to maintain a minimum speed near the end of the ride. With gas prices - this could save you substantially.

  5. Awesome! I hope to get my bike out soon.

  6. Great job Jane! I'm sure you'll make your goal in time. We haven't taken out bikes out yet this year but perhaps soon as the weather is quickly improving.

  7. Miss Jane,

    You are doing an awesome job on your biking goal!! When we DO move to the new house, there are bike trails all over the place. I plan to explore each and every one of them.

  8. Another set of comments that reinforces why I have a blog!! Thank you little lamb for the link to! The one downfall is that is doesn't recognize the bike paths in London; HOWEVER, I just plotted out a 25km bike ride that takes me out of the city to a spot by Fanshawe Lake! I couldn't have done that without this link! I'm so excited!


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