Sunday, February 7, 2016

Waiting on the Birds...

After a busy week I was looking forward to a restful weekend. I'd been out 4 nights in a row and my body was aching after 3 days of walking, a very challenging 90 minutes yoga class and 2 hours of volleyball. Therefore I stayed in my pjs all day yesterday (YES I DID!) and caught up on some things around the house, spent some time reading and then crocheted a few more inches of my first scarf while watching a couple episodes of "Z Nation" because I do love me some zombies! It's not as good as "The Walking Dead" but as I only have Netflix and Shomi I am waiting on some new episodes of "TWD". 

The kitties are teaching me how to relax. While I was reading the paper Saturday morning Lily and Luna were waiting for the juncos to make their appearance. Lily is using the POWER of ATTRACTION but to no avail. 

She tries to wait patiently...

...but started to act silly...while performing a few acrobatic tricks...

...I wish I was half this flexible...

"here birdie birdie birdie!"

When it was Luna's turn in the castle she tried to STARE the birds into existence, but alas, her attempts did not produce any birds.

"wake us up when the birds arrive!"zzzzzzz      Birdwatching is exhausting!!

And, finally, in the weird world of weather...snowdrops are putting in an appearance!

No, I'm not going to watch the Panthers and the Broncos - I prefer to watch the kittens and the juncos!

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  1. Cats vs. Dogs. Dogs encourage you to walk. Cats encourage you to nap. It is hard for me to get my walking shoes on with my 3 napping cats.

    I have daffodils poking up from the ground in Missouri.


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