Thursday, February 11, 2016

Me and My BIG MOUTH!!

But how was I to know that we were going to get all of our snow in just a couple of days this winter? It has been snowing - lightly and heavily - for what...48 hours?? More or less?

Hey - where's the bird seed??
My daughter calls it a "blizzard" but there doesn't seem to be any wind, at least not in the city. The bird seed is quickly being buried and the cats are bored! Jeez - I shoulda joined in the February "No Spend" - the only money I've spent this week was Sunday morning on groceries (THANKFULLY!!) before all this mayhem began.
What's Dougie got to smile about?

My neighbour has cleaned his car off twice so far today.
This is a good thing as I used my misc budget to pay my travel insurance so I only have $177 left in that account. That's what I use for entertainment, going out for meals, needed household items like furnace filters (I just replaced the last one so need to buy some within the next month). I noticed them on sale at Home Hardware but I won't be travelling anywhere today. If this keeps up I won't be going to yoga or group meditation tonight either!
Some snow

More snow....I'm dreaming of a white Valentine's Day!

Even more snow!! Yikes!
Phew - just went out to dig Dougie out - I needed a broom to do the roof! As snow events go it's not really too bad - it just seems bad because it's our only major snow storm so far this winter. And we do so love to talk about the weather around here!

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