Saturday, February 13, 2016

This is Getting Old

It is still snowing. Since my last post it hasn't stopped. I know I said I wanted a blizzard but I meant the one day type not the week long epic event!!

First day - about one foot.

Second day - about a foot and a half.

Today! For some reason the snow pile on top of the storage
box is getting wider instead of taller. Perhaps
because of the wind?
Just got a text from Kazi - she and a friend went to have breakfast at McDonalds and they got stuck in the parking lot. Oh, did I mention it's -22c? That doesn't have the wind chill added in either!

Last night I happened to glance out a window to see if it was still snowing. It was. But a beautiful scene evoked memories of one of my favourite books: do you know which one? Some of you who have seen this on facebook will know the answer. Hint: it's very magical!

Weather blah blah snow blah blah cold blah blah blah.

BEFORE all of this weather happened I made a little Goodwill thrift shop visit. I always keep a list going of things I want to purchase and I found two of them at the 2nd thrift shop I visited. I was looking for a radio - I know, who listens to the radio anymore? Well, I do, or rather, I want to. There are so many really really good programs on Canada's CBC radio station.  Yes, I could stream it through my laptop but that uses up a lot of gigs. Radios are hard to find these days, especially ones that you can move around from room to room as needed. AND I found a dandy one  - it's just a clock radio but it has really good speakers so the sound quality is excellent. $3.00.  It looks sort of like the one below except it has a speaker at each end.

Another item I've been wanting to get is another iPod dock. I like to have one in the kitchen so I can sing and dance while I cook (don't drop in around 5:30pm unless you want to join in!) and one in my workshop so I can listen to my favourite tunes while I carve. I checked at Walmart first and all they had was:
I didn't want to pay full price (listed on Amazon for between $47 & $59) so decided to keep looking. And found the exact same device at the Goodwill store...for $4.00! It has the option to change colours as it plays so I'm ready for next New Year's Eve!!

The final amazing find I like to call the FIND OF THE DAY was a pair of  women's Merrill Vibram Gore-tex (waterproof) hiking shoes in my size and in pristine condition. I guess the previous owner didn't really like hiking after all! These go for $100+ U.S. dollars. I wore them around the store and then around the house for a couple of days - they are extremely comfortable. Oh, I paid $6.75!!

Those are my treasures for this week!!

Upcoming post - mid month budget update!

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