Friday, February 26, 2016

Foto Friday

A year ago today... Kazi was suffering with a broken heart. She would be upset to know I'm sharing this photo with you (don't tell her!) but I wanted to show how sweet Luna and Lily are. They both snuggled up to her that night, sensing her distress and giving her lots of love :) 

 They still like to give each other baths too, usually it's Luna who gives Lily a good cleaning.

 Luna seems to be the more "mature" one of the two though will have one or two "spaz" attacks every day where she chases her tail and practically runs up the walls for a few minutes.

Also a year excellent concert by Canadian Bryan Adams!

I'm not sure which song it was but in lieu of holding lighters aloft everyone help their phones up instead.

He sure can belt out the tunes - he had some great hits over the years and still looks very handsome! We got tickets late and were up in the nosebleed section so I couldn't get good photos.

 Here ya're welcome!

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