Wednesday, November 25, 2015

York Day 1

I was out of my B&B by around 9am each day and walked to the medieval centre of the city. It ended up being more touristy than I thought this being the end of Sept/beginning of Oct. though the weather was still really nice. There was sunshine with scattered clouds, no rain with highs around 19c. 

I dressed in layers and wrapped my sweater around my waist as the days warmed up. The first morning was especially foggy as you can see out the door of my B&B.

I didn't mind the fog; it added to the atmosphere of the city. Found a LOT of gorgeous spider's webs as I walked along. I really hoped I could steer clear of the brown recluse spiders that can cause terrible wounds with their bite!

The sun tried to peek out; it took about an hour for the fog to burn off.

Seems a different place first thing in the morning...

 In about 15-20 mintes I was approaching Micklegate where heads used to literally hang on pikes - that would definitely scare me off!

(Old) York is a walled city - the wall was about 2 miles in length but it took me quite a while to go all the way around because I'd stop and look at things.

Micklegate - here comes the sun!

Walking the wall - some parts date back to Roman times; other parts were rebuilt in medieval times.

In some spots you had to exit the wall, go down some stairs and the find where the wall began again. Several of the gates housed restaurants and tea shops.

Sculling on the River Ouse.

 I stopped to explore the remains of St. Leonard's Hospital, the largest hospital in northern England in its time...

Several sarcophagi - empty thankfully! (But where did they go???)

Also on these grounds were the remains of an abbey, remarkably beautiful.

When  I went back up on the wall I started getting glimpses of the great cathedral - Yorkminster!
The fog dissipated and I got some good shots.

After I descended from the wall (I had circled the city) I climbed up Clifford's tower, which was the Keep of York Castle. It was built shortly after England was conquered by William I.

It was quite a climb but my legs were feeling pretty strong.

These circular staircases can get a little claustrophobic!

But the views are fantastic!

 I wandered into the centre of the medieval city and was surprised at the crowds of people.  These 2 people were doing a balance defying trick - I couldn't figure out how they were doing it...can you? The person at the top had no visible means of apparently floating in air other than they both held the stick.

 There were so many medieval alleys to explore!

I love how the second and third floors jut out over the street - look out below!

My first glimpse of Yorkminster from the ground.

It seemed to loom over me wherever I went.

A couple of the "snickleways" found between buildings - I explored every one I came across :)

The west facade of Yorkminster - I'll explore it more tomorrow!

Constantine the Great - he was proclaimed Emporer in Eboracum (now York) when his father died in 306AD. This city has an amazing history!

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