Saturday, November 21, 2015

Foto Friday

A year ago today in pictures: I remember this hike - we went along a straight path near the village of Ilderton, turned around and came back. It was cloudy, the leaves had all fallen making it a grey kind of day. The only excitement to be had was veering around fallen trees!

On the home front the babies were...still BABIES!! And they liked to cuddle up together, they don't do that anymore though they are friendly with each other and play wrestle everyday. Their expressions in this photo make it seem as though they were interrupted doing something wrong!

Luna is giving Lily a bath - they still lick each other though not as much.

Such cute faces!

Awwww, Luna has her arm around Lily...

Lily loves my laptop!

Please, can I gramma?

And that was life on November 20, 2014! Meow!

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