Monday, November 16, 2015

Photos from Previous Post are a few photos that should have gone into my previous post....we're painting some props to us in a moving installation around the city - they will eventually be  "The Geese that laid the Golden Eggs"!!

Here are some of us at the sit-in and the police paid a visit to make sure we weren't too unruly!

Outside our local MPP's office:

In brief, our hydro (electricity) rates have increased at least 3 times over the past year!! Our Ontario premier, Kathryn Wynn, wants to sell off Hydro One even though it belongs to the people of Ontario. The government will use the several billion they receive as payment to reduce the size of our deficit and to pay off Hydro One loans. Those are good ideas but then they will no longer receive the millions of dollars of annual profit - that $$ will go to whoever decides to buy Hydro One. Boo!!

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