Sunday, November 22, 2015

Final Hiking Day: Carlisle to Bowness-on-Solway 8,000 kms!!! Photo Heavy Post!

Just kidding (sorta), but those 23km sure felt like 8,000!!  Trudge, trudge, trudge!

Here's a quote from my notes: "It was a long walk today - 23km and we were tired, hurting and really struggling to put one foot in front of the other. The road seemed never ending."

We met up with a fellow with a dog going in the opposite direction who asked us "are you ready for the long road?" He wasn't kidding! A lot of it was on the paved road which was hard on the feet and the River Eden and Scotland were on our right most of the journey. The fellow with the dog also asked us to tell the woman at the Kings Arm pub that he found his other "good" shoe and that she would know what he meant. Annie remembered to let her know :)  when we were there for dinner.

Now...on to the pictures for today's forced march hike!

Swans in the River Eden...

And a heron...

 A beautiful arched bridge with a ..... what is that in the distance?

It's a cow!

 It took a few minutes to leave Carlisle and the noise of construction behind us; the countryside was quieter and greener... here we go!

 The red doors on this old barn were just begging to be photographed!

 I think I look a bit scary in this photo - like I'm holding a knife or something!

There, that's better, looks like Annie's doing some ballet move :)

Wanted to find a 4 leaf clover but there wasn't enough time...

But we did find a cornfield - the first I've seen here in Merry Olde...

So quaint!

 We took photos of every signpost along the way - we were really into the countdown mode on our final day. We've come 3.5 miles so far.

There was a bit of a diversion but nothing serious. Just meant we had to walk on the road for awhile.

 I do enjoy a good cemetery!

 The lovely village of Beaumont.

What a fabulous spot for a snack! A bench built all the way around the tree!

 A bit of a sculpture garden.

Any hobbits at home?

 Sorry, another cemetery! I just liked how this one is framed by the trees and how the grave stones are silhouetted due to the sun peeking through.

Only 7.5 miles to go!!!

 We had a good lunch here & met up once again with the 6 Canadians plus the young woman, her husband and dogs. The fish cakes were delish! This was in Burgh by Sands I believe.

 6.25 miles to go...

There's Scotland across the River Eden - the tide was out so we could have walked over.

Slowly but surely...trudge trudge trudge!

There wasn't a lot to take photos of - one thing I noticed as we walked through any village - people put such lovely pretty things in their windows - I quite like that practice and wish I had window ledges in my house :(

Just because I love this sign! Wouldn't you love to be able to say you're from Whitrigglees?

 I liked the idea of ladies chatting over the cottage gate :)

A short but welcome respite from the sun and paved roads. It was the warmest day of our hike no doubt because we were so close to sea level instead of up in the hills.

 Let's walk to Scotland!

 Back in amongst the trees one last time!

Getting excited!!!

Back on the road again...

 We met an old fellow who adds to his income by putting signs up showing how far people had travelled and taking their photos- London, Ontario is actually further than 3151kms but at this point we didn't really care.

 It was pretty wonderful to be walking in T-shirts!

 Time for one more selfie in front of the Bowness on Solway sign.  We're here! We did it!!

Where's the parade? It's a pretty quiet place!

 Wait little girl - are you the parade??

Nope... (but isn't she a picture!)

 We found the official end of the trail and got our final stamp in our passports.

Ahhhhhhh...this is what I was looking for!!

 There's free beer tomorrow!! Annie and I quietly celebrated completing the trail. We met another hiker who had walked the entire trail in 3 days by getting up at 5am and walking about 18 hours a day! Now, what is the fun in that I ask you!? He then went on to say "it's not how quick you do it, it's THAT you do it!" Well we did it!

While at the pub we got a Hadrian's Wall pin and certificate showing that we had walked all of Hadrian's Wall trail - woot woot!!

 Bowness is very small and we just had to go around the corner from the pub and walk down the street to the B&B which is in the former manse of this old church.

 There it is!! It was soooooo nice - the bathroom was full of lotions and potions and soaps and gels and a BATHTUB! Absolute luxury! There was even muscle relieving bubble bath (which we used of course!)

We went back to the pub for dinner after a good soak and I had vegetarian lasagna (with the inevitable chips), another pint of course and a double scotch because I deserved it!! :)

Then walking back we noticed the "super moon" - first time we'd really seen the moon all week!

 The perfect ending... an amazing week!

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I've just discovered your blog now binge reading. I will need to get my knees in better working order as this will be on my bucket list!