Thursday, November 19, 2015

Walton to Carlisle: Sat. Sept. 26

I made a note in BIG letters in my journal today that we had absolutely NO RAIN!! Yeehaw!! It's so much nicer to walk in dry boots! Today's hike was only 12 miles though it was a bit longer than it was supposed to be as we missed a sign to turn off and had to back track a ways. But, it was a nice day for a walk:) Considering how far we've come we only had to back track twice (I think) - that's not bad.
We arrived at the outskirts of Carlisle around 2pm but then it was another good jaunt following the River Eden to get to the Sports Centre for another stamp in our passport.

Pic: dry boots!

An easy hike today...

And what's a day without a photo of a sheep??

I'm a big fan of trees...

Still some ups and downs but pretty flat for the most part.

Are you sure that's the right way? I see you Annie!

 Another white cottage - the patio was full of potted plants and flowers...

 Very cool weather vane!

The enchanted forest...I see the next signpost! 

Yup, we're going in the right direction. Should be in Crosby on Eden by lunch time.

Halloween tree!

Only 4 miles to Carlisle!

No fun to be had here!

Crosby-on-Eden :) Where we got lost for a few minutes :(

A bench! A lucky find... time to eat!

A little too close to civilization for my taste!

Annie had to change the graffiti from "F-ck Islam" to...

...F-ck Islamophobes"!! That's my girl!!

Flowers blooming around .....

A picturesque little shed...

Getting closer!

On the octagonal Victorian folly tower in Rickerby Park - built by George Head Head...(because 2 heads are better than 1??) of my favourite berries - elderberries - yes, I sampled.

All we need to do is follow the river  Eden into Carlisle - it felt like a looooong way!

We could see it but the river wound left and right...

 Eventually we found the Sports Centre and got our stamp and close by was the Hungry Horse pub!! Celebrating arriving in Carlisle! did say WELCOME!! Cheers!

Next up - finding a drugstore and then our B& B which was called Fern Lee Guest House.
I love the rows upon rows of red-bricked houses.

 We found a shopping centre - me goofing off!

And there's our B&B! So far so good! Our navigational skills are improving!

It looks like I need about 12 hours of sleep!

 I wrote in my journal that we arrived at our B&B at 4:20pm. We showered and then asked our hosts where we could get some dinner.

We ended up here at the Beehive. And a beehive it certainly was!!

You can't tell from this picture but the place was a zoo...I mean a beehive! We were lucky to get a table and every television was at full blast showing a football, rugby, soccer game??? There was a ball involved - that's all I know!

I sneakily took a picture of these guys at the next table - a wee barmaid had to ask them to leave as they were starting to push and shove - so they "took it outside"! We had our dinner and didn't linger...the noise was deafening!

 Tomorrow - the final day!!!

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