Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Rest of Friday, Sept. 25 (Gilsland to Walton)

After we finished exploring the Priory we headed to Walton where we were being picked up and taken back to Gilsland for one more night, there being nowhere to stay in Walton. Apparently there used to be a "hostel" type place but the owner may have had some financial difficulties because he left without telling the people who had booked rooms with him. Stranded!!

Along the way we had to walk across this little bridge - fortunately Blackie was very thirsty indeed as he never even lifted his head to see us walking past. 

The sky is looking a little ominous! But we weren't rained on at all :) Yippeeeeeee!

I have a pair of comfortable walking sandals myself but I wouldn't recommend them for this particular hike! I bet the owner of this sandal now feels the same!

I love a nice white cottage, don't you?

Arriving in Walton. There was a really steep hill into the village if I recall correctly. An older gentleman offered us a lift in his car to the top of the hill but I declined. I said that would be "cheating" and I wanted to walk every step of the trail myself. Silly me! Trudge trudge trudge!

Stopped for a photo op partway up (pant pant) though the stream really wasn't that photogenic :)

Glad we don't have to walk through that field! Beautiful Northumbrian hills in the distance.

It looks like a painting, not a photo.

One more photo of the church was all I could manage as Gerry arrived to transport us back to Brookside Villa.  For some reason this was my last photo of the day. I did write down what I had to eat at the Salmon Pub for dinner though: Courgette with zucchini, feta cheese and broad beans in phylo pastry, new potatoes and salad - it was fantastic!  (Oh, and a pint of course;)

After dinner I did a good clean out of my suitcase as it would be making its way to Carlisle tomorrow independent of me! Tomorrow - 12 miles to Carlisle - piece of cake!!

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