Monday, November 16, 2015

Update from a Crazy Person

Well, I'm not doing too well keeping this blog up-to-date! I see I haven't posted since last Wed.! That's crazy!! It seems that I am rediscovering old interests which is great because that means I'm beating the depression little by little. I also must confess that I've spent a lot of time watching the news after Friday night's horrors in Paris!

I recently pulled out 3 art books that I've hung onto for years and years because they are about crafts and techniques that I was really enthused about back when I was an art teacher - one is about finger weaving, one is about monoprints and the other is about collage. So I went to my local thrift shop and bought some cheap balls of yarn to practice with and I am really enjoying "playing" around.

When looking up tutorials about other methods of finger weaving I found several youtube videos about finger "crocheting". So I've been trying that out as well as crocheting with a crochet hook - I don't know where the hook came from - it was in one of my sewing baskets - I inherited my mother's sewing basket and my gramma's sewing basket. My mother crocheted a bit and my gramma crocheted millions of things - she was so gifted she could look at projects in crochet magazines in a store then go home and replicate them! My oldest "seester" is also very gifted with both crocheting and knitting but I never really got into it.

I've managed, so far, to make a slipknot, crochet a chain and add rows of single crochet. You can pretty much learn to do anything on the internet these days!

Over the past year I've been trying to decide where I could volunteer my time. Then it hit me: the work I've been doing with the Council of Canadians IS my volunteer work! I guess it just doesn't seem like work! More like fun! And I've always been a bit of a rebel! Now I'm a rebel with a cause! Friday I was involved in a "sit-in" at a provincial MP's office, Saturday I helped to sew a banner for an upcoming climate rally, Sunday I delivered informational flyers about the controversial sale of a crown corporation to - Hydro One - and then did some prop painting also related to Hydro One.

I don't think I need to look for any more volunteer work!

Of course, in addition to all of that, I try to exercise daily (try...) I go to yoga and meditation, I meet friends for coffee or walks (or WINE)...and then there's housework (blech) and home improvements (double blech!) Today I'm going to do some finishing touches in the main bathroom - I got it mostly done and then it got too nice to be inside :) I'm a master of excuses...if you ever need an excuse for something, anything,  just let me know!!

I will get back to posting trip photos, I promise. I was doing well for a couple of days then stuff happened. And I still stick my nose into books a LOT! Can't help it - I love to read!! But then nothing gets done!

Well, I'm off! Kazi is visiting her boyfriend in New Jersey and she'll be home tomorrow. That's why I'm finishing the bathroom - she has all her potions, lotions and makeup with her which makes it a whole lot easier to maneuvre in there!

TTYL (talk to you later!)

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