Sunday, November 30, 2014

Caribbean Gala

The weekend was good. Enjoyable, memorable, some funny funny moments and the sadness was minimal. Though I would give a great deal to have some motivation, some pep, some inspiration and not feel so dang lazy. It'll come. If not then I'll read a lot of books! 

Anyhoo on Friday night I went to a "Caribbean Gala" put on by the hospitality students of Fanshawe College. A friend of mine works in that department and organized two tables for her family and friends. It was amazing - the large room was festively decorated and a steel drum band played for us. 

Can you imagine Christmas music played on these steel drums? Apparently it can be done!  I have to admit though that after an hour or two all the songs sounded the same and I would have been ok if they'd taken a break once in awhile!! Enough already!

The menu was SEVEN courses and that didn't count the appetizers!! I was full by the soup course (which followed the variety of caribbean breads, the Jamaican patties, the shrimp salad and preceded the main course and the two desserts!!)

This dessert was pineapple cake with coconut icecream topped by chocolate palm trees!

 ...followed by a side dish of one very cute kitten!!  Okay, just accept the fact that every post will contain at least one kitten picture!!

I did a little Christmas shopping on Saturday. Shoppers Drug Mart was offering more $$ per points spent this weekend so I paid only $32 for my bill of over $100, so that's Kazi's stocking completed. I'm pretty close to being finished my shopping for this year. Which is good news considering I have a dental appointment tomorrow and I no longer have benefits. December's money has to STRETCH a little further than usual.

Today we hiked along the Thames and came across an interesting, it's not a mushroom!

Erosion is taking its toll - yesterday this area was under water...

 ...and the usually gentle Thames is on full boil!!

This is a chapel near St. Peter's Seminary seen through the leafless trees- it made me think of England.

 It was a dark and dreary day, though very mild. Tomorrow it's back to 0c BUT sunshine is back in the forecast for the first time in at least a week! SUNSHINE!!! Wheeeeee! That'll perk us up!  Maybe I'm not sad, maybe I just have S. A. D. 


  1. I envy the places that you have available to hike. Have you thought about dating yet? You are smart and beautiful and I'm sure many men would love to date you. The newness of a romantic relationship will often combat depression and the darkness. I love the kitty pics.

  2. livingrichonthecheapDecember 1, 2014 at 12:03 AM

    I did a points redemption at SDM Saturday too! I only had enough for $60 and they bumped it to $70. I got stocking stuffers and a bunch of chocolate along with some groceries. It sure helps out on the Christmas bills. Hubby has one of those SAD lights, bought it when we first moved to Vancouver Island as the winters here are rainy and grey (except this week - pure sunshine and minus 3 degrees which is cold for us - the snow hit Vancouver and the other end of the island but we missed that hit). I am not sure they work but he thinks so.

  3. Grey days make me feel sluggish and blah.I swear I am solar powered.
    I was trying to imagine how nervous the students were preparing the room, the meal etc...constant steel drums wouldn't have helped calm them!
    Jane x

  4. That party looked like a blast. And feel free to share all the cuteness that you want!

  5. CUTE kittie for sure!! More pics, please!


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