Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Chipping Camden

 What a great town Chipping Camden is! Bigger than all of the villages I've been visiting with many more opportunities for SHOPPING!  And being just down the road from Stratford upon Avon there were bus loads and bus loads of people strolling the streets. Not like the quiet little villages I've gotten used to!
Sheep Street: as with most villages and towns in this area the streets radiated out from High St. so that the mighty sheep could be herded to market.

Ummmm, dropped some cash here...jewelry (say no more say no more!!)

 A trio of private school girls walking home from a tough day at school :)... (note the bus)...

There's my hotel - The Noel Arms!

 And through here was a nice outdoor patio where I read the newspaper, had a coffee and lemon tart while I waited for my luxurious room to be ready.
More of the hotel...

 Nary a parking spot to be had!

 I bought a book of maps and routes here...for...you know...my next trip!!

This shop was full of funny signs plus they had a huge selection of scarves and jewelry - I bought myself a scarf covered in owls so I could remember my "tawny owl" encounter and also a pair of earrings that had little gold skeleton keys dangling on them to remind me of all of my B&Bs!

There were a couple of vintage stores here too and I bought a set of hand woven placemats. All easily packable items for the trip home!

A very old town dating back to the time of knights and chivalry...

 Yes, this crest is dated 1487...

I love this photo...it's like a glimpse back in time...

 Do you suppose those guys have sore necks?

 Hi puppy!

 Anyone know what a wool stapler does?


 Again! I need a haircut!

 How the hotel staff knew I needed a bottle of champagne...

All the mod cons!

 I met up with my fellow walkers to eat in the dining room of the Noel Arms. The chef is known for his curries and it was spectacular! Lots of wine, lots of good conversation and we made plans for a final dinner tomorrow night at the White Hart Hotel in Moreton in Marsh. We're feeling a little sad that tomorrow is our last walking day!!

And now that I've found my room for the last time I'm off to bed. Tomorrow I walk full circle as I end up back in Moreton in Marsh and stay at the Redesdale Arms once more. And then I meet Annie!!

But one last thing. When I was walking today I found a bush with these berries on it - I'm certain this was the berry in my seasonal salad the other night!!


  1. The berry looks like a rosehip..makes delicious cordial.How did you know the school girls were from a private school? If it's because they were wearing uniforms..all British schools have uniforms,so they may have been at the local school.
    Jane x

  2. You need to make a video of your trip! One of my girls did a 45 minute video of all the pics of the trip, set it to music and got a blue ribbon at the fair. I broke it down into chunks and put it all on Youtube.
    Here's a couple.


  3. No doubt you are correct Jane! I also thought later that Catholic schools also have uniforms...silly me.

  4. Mcval - what a great idea! I have done similar things with photos but not from any trips - I like it!


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