Friday, November 21, 2014

Life at Crabapple Landing...

...has been pretty quiet since I returned from my trip on October 3rd. The quiet lasted until October 4th when all hell broke loose!!


Yes, before I got my bags unpacked Kazi brought two fur babies into the family - the lovely Lily (Lillian when she's bad and she is definitely the leader in rascally adventures!) and big-eyed Luna who mews in a very soft squeaky voice when she's not sure where we are!

It was Pet Valu's "rescue adoption weekend" and Kazi went to six Pet Valu stores before selecting these 10 week old sisters. It was good timing for me as I was feeling a little shaky after my trip.  School was in but I was not and I was wondering "what's next"?

Since then I've sorted myself out somewhat  but life is still dominated by the fearsome pair! Progress has been made - they rarely if ever step into their water dish now before racing around the house or scrunch down in their litter box before attacking their sister's tail. Chewed up plants have been moved to top shelves, all chipped decorative items placed in bins and we keep bedroom and bathrooms doors shut.

 Treats are given for using the scratching post instead of the furniture (this is ongoing!!) and swats on the nose are given with a rolled up newspaper when they venture on the table or the counter.  They're learning...slowly.

Happily the little monsters take lots of naps and exude MEGA CUTENESS and CUDDLINESS making up for any misdemeanours.

They LOVE to play and their favourite toys include this stick with sparkly feathers on the end and balls of tinfoil and paper. Oh...and kleenex and toilet paper...but those are not allowed!! What a mess!

Awwwww - can we be your "forever" kitties??

I've had the habit  weakness over the years of selecting the "neediest" kittens, the one who stays at the back of the cage and seems afraid. So I'm not used to how FRIENDLY these two kittens are, especially Lily. Luna will curl up by herself in various locations but Lily noses her way into my lap constantly or into the narrow space beside me on my chair.

Lay down on the couch however and Luna is right there purring and giving kisses. It's hard to feel depressed with Lily and Luna in da house!!

 Right girls?


livingrichonthecheap said...

They are so bloody cute!! I don't know how you leave the house with those guys there. Thanks for sharing them!

kim said...

So happy!

Marguerite said...

They are so incredibly darling. Who named them? Love the choice of names. I still have my two quarantined so I've yet to feel the full wrath of their energy in the house. Reading this post made me shaky though, I'm sure I'm in for some wild days ahead.

ND Chic said...

They are darling! I'm happy that you have two cute little bundles. Cats are good for your soul.

Jane said...

Please, no nose swats..a plant sprayer works incredibly well...a quick squirt for unwanted behaviour soon trains them..all we need to do is make a tsst tsst sound (like a sprayer) and we have instant goodness!
Jane x

Sonya Ann said...

So cute I'm overdosing! Is there a cure or is it methadone?
I have to say that having our terrible cat Sue has helped since DJ left. I would have been lost without the distraction.