Friday, December 5, 2014

In and Out

Due to my low battery this post must be a quickie - in and out! At the moment Kazi and I are sharing a power cable for our laptops - thank goodness we have the same kind! I'm not 100% sure but my cord may not be working due to tiny kitten teeth! We are trying to be more careful with our cords but it is a challenge. I am using a water bottle to "redirect" their behaviour as Jane suggested in a comment - Jane - do you use a "stream" or a "spray"?? Anyhoo Kazi suggested I look on eBay for a cord as they are much cheaper than in the Apple Store and she was right! I'm paying $19.00 (taxes, shipment included) for a new cord as opposed to $89.00 plus 13% tax!

Who us? Chew on a cord?

 I was laid low by a migraine this week, 2nd in two weeks. I think it's the heavy cloud cover and lack of sunshine. It's been so gloomy I can hardly stand it. I woke up at 4am Tuesday morning with a jackhammer in my head and unfortunately anything I ate, drank or tried to medicate with instantly came back up. Wed. was a bit better, yesterday more improvement but here it is Friday and I'm still not back to normal.

Perhaps another contributing factor was the work I've been doing in the basement. I've been moving furniture and have begun painting in preparation for new flooring going in next week. I'm going to have a whole new basement!! Laundry room is going to change from pink to white.

 The landing at the bottom of the steps has been spackled and sanded and has a first coat. Because it was pale green before it will need a second coat.

Hallway has a first coat of paint except for one narrow strip I missed!!

The kittens helped me move the futon! Hah! You can see their plaster dust footprints all over it!
 Ooooh garbage bags - must explore!  No painting done in the TV room yet but all the spackling has been done so it's ready to go. (NO kittens were present during the painting of the basement!)

All furniture except the futon has been stuffed into the furnace room and the laundry room. The workmen said they could move and work around the futon:) The fun part was taking apart the TV, Blu Ray player, speakers etc etc, labelling all the cords so I can hopefully put it all back together accurately. Strangely I found TWO cords that were doing nothing - not plugged in at either end??

 Yesterday the new flooring and other materials arrived. OOOOOHHH and the lady from Home Depot called me and said I was getting a refund of $130 due to wrong underlay on my original order. It ain't much but it helps :)

Baseboards above; underlay, concrete (to fill those little round holes around the perimeters due to carpet nails)...
and the vinyl planks!!
I'm hoping to get the painting done before they start but we'll see how it goes.
I'm so excited!!


  1. We use a spray (the stream could get into their eyes.)accompanied by a stern sounding 'No'. Newby, Ralphy, has learned very quickly about Mr Sprayer..two sprays and he had it figured out. It's the best hands off training tool..and you will be able to use the tssst tsst noise or 'No' once they know what the sprayer does. Glad they are helping so much..they really make life easier don't they ?*rolling eyes and tongue in cheek*
    Feel better soon...this cloud cover SUCKS!
    Jane x

  2. livingrichonthecheapDecember 5, 2014 at 1:55 PM

    I hope your flooring install goes smoothly. I am so chicken to do some house renos. We have the money set aside, I just go frozen when I have to make decisions like what kind of tile and where it should go (replacing the carpet in the dining room over to tile = who puts carpet in their dining room!)

  3. Cindy Masterson-RothDecember 5, 2014 at 6:28 PM

    Those kittens are getting quite the adventure ! glad your tummy is feeling better.

  4. LROC: I can relate to your post so much, especially with using the word "frozen". For me, it's the intimidation factor and the fear of looking stupid. My carpet is trashed and was due to be replaced about 5 years ago. On more than one occasion I have walked into Home Depot, start looking at carpets, and within 10 minutes my pulse is racing and I just leave!! I have noticed that in a few places in my house the carpet has lifted away and I told myself to just start ripping it up, and having the bare floor would be motivation for me to just get over my fear and either figure it out or swallow my pride and ask for help.

    Here's my question to those of you who are savvy about these things: My walls need painting too. Is there a particular order that these renovations should be done? Walls first or carpet first? I have baseboards, do the baseboards need to be removed for the carpet to be laid? I assume that walls should be painted first so pain doesn't drip onto new carpets, but is that the only consideration? It's the baseboards that have me confused about when to do what.

    I know these sort of renovations are a piece of cake to some but some people like me have no aptitude for it and am totally clueless about it. I console myself by thinking about things I can do that perhaps others can't. Part of my problem is that in the past when I have had repairmen or tradespeople come to my house, they recognize the "deer in headlights" look and I have been screwed over more than once financially, so even if I do the work myself I'm afraid when buying the materials I'll buy the wrong stuff or be "upsold" materials I don't really need.

    OMG I just had a thought, perhaps there's a "Renovations for Dummies" book?? I'm going to look for one in my library!! :)

    P.S. Sorry to hijack your comments section, Jane, with my dilemma! I have enjoyed reading about your renos and love all the photos that you post of them!

  5. I've had those same vinyl planks throughout my condo for the last year. LOVE THEM! I have nothing but high praise for them and I think you'll really like the look!

  6. We have a new little chewer at our house too. The phone cord bit the dust. Nothing like kitten to make you smile though. I love watching the energy you have as you work on your renos! Jolie


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