Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Welcome to Winchcombe!

Home of dragons...
Flapjacks and tea...


 Lovely churches (covered in gargoyles:)...

 and the best B & B yet!!
Cozy bedroom...
A cute little tea nook...

And gorgeous fully updated bathroom (the owner was very proud of the self-closing toilet lid!!)

A shower with POWER!! (that was a first!)

 My very own sitting room with TV...

 Even the police station was cute!

 Where I had dinner...

 The most outrageous gargoyles so far...

This cutie-pie is said to have inspired Lewis Carroll's vision of the Mad Hatter in his book "Alice in Wonderland"!!

This is a great Halloween post!!

The countryside is never too far away as glimpsed through this gate...

 I had a protein-filled salad (bacon and chicken!) plus I was able to try the THREE local beers on tap with these uniquely sized glasses each designed to hold 1/3 of a pint! Nice!

The men at their local, along with a faithful companion:)

Heading back to the B & B - my hosts were absolutely lovely and treated me like family. They invited my to share a glass of wine with them when I got back from my rambles and we had a really nice chat. They were genuinely interested in learning all they could about me and where I was from.

I was so appreciative of their warm hospitality that I left a 5L note on the dresser. Lo and behold when I arrived at my next B&B there was an envelope taped to my suitcase with the 5L note in it and a note saying they couldn't accept it - they truly loved meeting me and that was thanks enough. Do they have my business for the rest of my life? YES!! (Sue and Alan at The Vines in Winchcombe!! Go there!!)

They were kind enough to give me an earlier than usual breakfast as I had my longest walk the next morning. Isn't the early morning light so soft and gentle?

 It's still pretty quiet on the streets...

Next stop - Broadway!! But I have a lot of miles to put on my boots before I get there!


  1. You do love your gargoyles hey! They are pretty awesome! Love the mad hatter!

  2. Something I loved about the UK, was that dogs are allowed in pubs. You'd be sat there enjoying a drink and the fire,and a dog asleep on your feet. I must admit,I miss that.
    Jane x

  3. You were taking pictures of the local men, huh? :) And these are some interesting gargoyles :)

  4. livingrichonthecheapOctober 29, 2014 at 10:07 PM

    I have a fear of B&Bs due to the cruddy ones but this one sounds fabulous! They must like what they do - and the gargoyles - love the one that inspired Lewis Carrol. You can definitely see why.


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