Sunday, October 5, 2014

Regular Scheduled Programming....

Regular scheduled programming will begin again tomorrow, Monday Oct. 6th!

While away I slept in 10 different beds, but my bed is best :) I finally had a good sleep at "normal" hours last night - hallelujah!! I forced myself to stay awake til about 11pm and slept through til 7:30am!!

I have so much to tell you - things I saw, people I met, especially my dear friend and fellow blogger "Annie" of Northern Living Allowance - how cool is that!! AND, she finally wrote a blog update so go check it out!! Annie has encouraged me to get a former project idea out of the dustbin and brush it off and I'm feeling very inspired!

Those of you who have connected with me on Facebook (and if you haven't why haven't you??? - send me a friend request - Jane Harrison) know that my lovely dear senior citizen cat, Tisky, died while I was away. Poor Kazi had to take her to the vet to be put to sleep and it was hard for her to do and hard for me not being able to "be there" for her or to say goodbye to a loyal friend who had been with with us since her infancy 20 years ago. Kazi can't remember a time when Tisky, or Bella as Kazi called her, wasn't in her life.

That being said we now have two new family members - Luna and Lily - two frisky and sweetly endearing tabby kittens who are sisters and have already wormed their way into my heart. When Kazi and her boyfriend Steve get a place of their own the girls will move with them but for now they are keeping me company and making me laugh with their antics. They love to cuddle and sprawl across my legs in very cute and awkward positions and are helping my heart to heal.

So tomorrow I'll be back with updates and photos - today is for getting organized once again.

It's fun to go away, but it's always wonderful to come home again.


Jane said...

Welcome home!
So sorry to hear about's heart wrenching to lose a family member.
Thinking of you.
Jane x

livingrichonthecheap said...

I am glad you made it home safe and sound. Sorry about your kitty - 20 years is a very long life for a cat and I am sure all 20 were happy in your home. I hope you took lots of pics!

Marjorie Stintzi said...

Sorry to hear about Tisky. Welcome home.

Barbara Standridge said...

so sorry about Tisky. Glad you are home safe and sound. I searched for you on FB but there are many Jane Harrisons!

Jane Harrison said...

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