Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sudeley Castle

Here we go through Sudeley Castle grounds. The first ruins I encounter are those of the Tithe Barn which was built in the 1400's and which was partly destroyed during the Civil War. (The Parliamentarians or Roundheads vs the Royalists or Cavaliers - the Parliamentarians eventually won.) The Tithe Barn was where peasant farmers stored 1/10th of their crop which was given to the Church.

Now this beautiful space is home to many species of roses from around the world. It was such a peaceful space to enter & experience... ironically!
I really loved it here.

 Narrow windows for defense - hopefully your arrows would go out and find their mark but the opposing army's arrows would have difficulty finding their way in.

Now it's a quiet spot for contemplation.

A quiet bench anyone?

Now - off to the castle!

 This is a replica of a mosaic floor copied from a Roman villa.

One very beautiful entrance into the courtyard - sheep off in the distance! The sheep were the main source of wealth in this area and the main reason the neighbouring village of Winchcombe became a wealthy market town.

 The newel staircase was designed for defense as well - we've all seen the movies where one soldier is able to hold back an entire army on a spiral staircase!

Look, there he is now!

 Henry VIII visited Sudeley Castle from time to time - this exhibit shows Henry with his many wives.

Guess who sat in THIS chair!

  I was told I couldn't take any photos inside so I had to sneak this one of the Haunted Staircase! Victorian housemaids became afraid of using this staircase due to the many ghosts! It does look sort of spooky!

Outside to the famous KNOT garden which was based on the pattern of a dress once worn by Queen Elizabeth 1. She was coming for a visit so this maze was created in her honour.

Some of the glorious castle ruins...

 Oh look, there's the Queen now!! Oh, no, that's just me :)

  Look at that sky! I swear it clouded up and cleared up about 100 times this day!

This is a "living sculpture" of Queen Elizabeth 1 outside in her Presence Chamber where she would meet with courtiers and local dignitaries. As it develops trailing flowers will be trained to flow down the "skirt" of her dress.

Her Presence Chamber.

 The very beautiful St. Mary's Chapel where Henry VIII's last wife is buried. Catherine Parr was the only wife of Henry VIII's to outlive him. I guess she was very fortunate! As history goes she took very good care of Henry, more like a mother than a wife.

 Of course there's a gargoyle or two!

 And there is Catherine's tomb in a quiet niche.

 Ironically, six months after Henry VIII died she married Thomas Parr, an old flame, and died at age 36 during childbirth while living at Sudeley Castle. It is said that Catherine still haunts the castle hallways and garden.

 But now I must say goodbye to Sudeley Castle and head to my B&B in Winchcombe...but first...

 ...I must say goodbye to the sheep...

 ...and get back on the path...


Northern Living Allowance said...

Such a beautiful location! Thoroughly enjoying reliving your journey with you xx

Jane said...

Ooh, I love a good ghost story! Catherine Parr married another Parr?? Ahem!!
Jane x

livingrichonthecheap said...

Another happy sheep! I love the carved from stone owl picture. Great pics and a really nice way to record your trip.