Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Paddington Station to Moreton in Marsh

My luggage situation was this: a large purse to carry everything that I might need while travelling - my passport, my wallet, my tickets along with things I might need quick access to such as camera, phone, iPad, iPod, rechargers, lip balm, snacks, a newspaper. Then I had a backpack (my carryon) which had my raincoat, rain pants (both never used on this trip), first aid kit, packaged snacks for my walks, binoculars (never used), waterproof cover for backpack (never used), wipes, hand sanitizer, water bottle etc; and a medium-sized suitcase with clothing for hiking and post-hiking activities, extra shoes, toiletries, socks etc. I used almost ALL of my clothes.

 I took the London Express from Heathrow to Paddington Station because from Paddington there was a direct train to Moreton-in-Marsh where my walk began. I used my Oyster card to pay for the trip. A seasoned traveller now :)
Paddington Station seemed huge! And noisy and busy! I wandered aimlessly for a few minutes taking in the sights.
 the large windows...
the many platforms...
Then I found a place where I could store my suitcase so I could go outside and have a look around at the big city of London. It cost L6 per suitcase for 3 hours so I only stored my suitcase and continued to wear my backpack and carry my purse. Perhaps not the wisest decision but I am forever frugal!

 One thing I got into the habit of doing was taking pictures of my surroundings in the hopes that if I got lost the photos would help me find my way back! Thankfully I never had to test that theory!
 so this is the intersection nearest Paddington...
 this one I took because of the palm tree - it still amuses me that there are palm trees in England!
You will see a lot of architectural photos - I studied architecture, specifically churches & cathedrals while studying Visual Arts and Art History when at university so I can't help myself. Feel free to zip on by them.

While walking around I came across this quiet little lane leading into some residential housing - doesn't it look like a nice little sanctuary in the middle of the busy city?

 Speaking of sanctuaries - this is mine! I found a quiet place where I could sit, read my newspaper and watch people go by. I am by nature a people watcher. I just wish I could find a sneaky way to take peoples' photos as they walked by but I thought that could be a dangerous habit so I mostly stuck to buildings. Mostly :)

 I kept thinking (hoping) Dick Van Dyke and the rest of the chimney sweeps from Mary Poppins were going to pop out of those chimneys! No such luck!
 Back I went to Paddington...
I went up to the 2nd floor and found a spot to sit in a restaurant where I could people watch to my heart's content.

 I hadn't had anything to eat yet and it was almost lunchtime. So I had some fortifying tea and eggs on toast. I made sure I ate lots of protein on my trip as I expended a lot of energy on my walks.
I collected my suitcase and watched the screens to see which platform I needed to access for my train to Moreton in Marsh.  I really enjoyed the trains in England - very comfortable, quiet and fast.
Though difficult for taking pictures clearly though this one isn't bad...

 One of the stations along the way - it was about a 2 hour trip.

The little station in Moreton in Marsh. People were getting taxis and limos but High St. (Main St.) was only a block away so I walked it and found my hotel easily.

Dear Diary:
Kittens are trying to write this entry! Why do kittens love keyboards? pft==97he3[ But it a=== makes no sensee=!!  Oh my![

Well I thought I was over my jet lag and then I overslept by 2 hours this morning!! What the heck!? Sigh...good thing I don't have to go anywhere today! I have two outings tomorrow and one on Friday plus on Friday I will buy the last few things I need for Thanksgiving dinner. I can't believe it's Thanksgiving weekend already! Yay - a long weekend! Who cares? Everyday is the weekend now:)

Went to El Ranchito for dinner with a former colleague last night which was yummy, very filling and fun getting caught up after not seeing her since early September. Then we met up with 2 other former colleagues (except they're not retired) to see the movie "Gone Girl" which I would highly recommend. It has a different ending than the book which sets it up perfectly for a sequel. Ben Affleck's penis WAS on display for a split second LOL!! as I had read in a review. Not long enough to form an opinion however! 

The sun is shining though it's only going up to 11c today and we're supposed to have some major winds. So I think I'll stick to riding my bike in the basement as my exercise du jour. And read the newspaper. Life is tough.


  1. I'm getting excited...going to see some places I know!!
    Jane x

  2. So cool! Visiting England one day is definitely on my bucket list!

  3. Enjoying your journey, Jane. :) I had to laugh at your comment about oversleeping 2 hrs. Who cares? LOL! You can do whatever you want.

  4. From pics of your travels, to your new kitties, to Ben's penis-I think you have now covered everything!


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