Saturday, October 25, 2014

From Guiting Power to Sudeley Castle

Thank you folks for not complaining about my long streak of photo-heavy posts - you realize I'm creating a record of my trip for myself - something I can look back on over the years and remember. Perhaps what you don't know is that each day I choose from between 100-200 photos selecting what I hope best reflects my journey. Today's bunch of photos was particularly difficult to choose between - they were all so exceedingly beautiful. 

AND there will be a castle and a huge church with the best gargoyles ever as well as all the amazing landscapes and pathway pictures. I've winnowed them down to a somewhat reasonable number (yeah, right) and was just stunned by the gorgeousness! You're not getting it all in one post - just not possible - so today's post just reflects my journey from Guiting Power to Sudeley Castle on the outskirts of lovely, ancient Winchcombe.

The roads were wet as I left Guiting Power around 8:45am. But it wasn't raining thankfully. 
It's as if the little rain in the night made everything that much greener and more lush.

Oh look at that path - have you ever seen anything more inviting?

I had an extraordinary experience shortly into this hike - I saw some tiny birds flitting around in a bush and got in close with my camera disturbing an OWL that I hadn't even noticed!! I stood stunned as its large wings whooshed slowly as it flew away from me. A little later on the path I told a local couple about my experience and the fellow immediately asked me what colour was it? I said "brown" and he said "oh I'm so jealous - that was a tawny owl, they're nocturnal and it's very rare to see one - I've never seen one"! (And he had to be at least 70 years old!!) So that was my little treat in the forest today - too bad I didn't have the wherewithal to snap a picture!!

I'm in heaven!

And looky there - the clouds are dispersing - I think I'm having a magical effect on the weather!

I hope it doesn't look like I have my boots on the wrong feet today lol!

This is what I got to drink in with my eyes today, field after field. Just incredible.

A farm that I passed by - it looks like it's out of the long ago past yet as I walked by someone was zooming around on a four-wheeler. Apparently they have all the mod-cons!

This nice little cottage seems to stand at the crossroads of several paths if you notice the signs in the bottom left hand corner. My path runs along the left side of the house - you can see the continuation of the path in the upper left hand corner.

What a sweet place...

Now that's my kind of path!

The gate looks sort of hidden...but there is a path there.


Double wow.

Back into the forest, and what a forest it was!

Quiet and still...

Right around here the clouds had gathered once again and it started to sprinkle. I didn't bother getting out my poncho for a few minutes seeing if it would stop. When it didn't I rummaged through my pack, got out my poncho, just about started to unfold it when...that's right, it stopped raining. So I put the poncho back into my backpack and on I went. That was my one and only experience with rain during the whole 2 weeks!

Can you spot the pheasant? There were hundreds of them in this area!

There he is!

No Public Road here. I wonder how old this stone marker is?

What a cool photo! (if I do say so myself;)  Looks like more rain coming...(but there wasn't!)

A bit more forest path...

And then...spectacular - once again the clouds were blown away...

...just in time! Incredible vista!

And that is Winchcombe...still a ways to go - I zoomed in for this photo!

And off in the distance - the Malvern Hills.

And my first view of Sudeley Castle!!

I just couldn't take enough photos of the magnificent views...I've spared you dozens and dozens!

I'm rather high up!

And now for the downhill part! The wind was so strong on my way down I had to tighten the strings of my hat so it wouldn't go flying off!

Down, down, down!  Postcard shot!

Hello lambies!

Continuing down down down...

I'm on my way to that castle! But first...

I have to make my way through several fields full of sheep!

Lots and lots of sheep!

I don't think this tree protector did its job!

Almost there!! Doesn't it look like the castle is giving the finger?? But first...

You got it...more sheep...( and of course all of those little pellets that come along with the sheep!)

Thank you clouds for clearing away and letting the sun shine through!

Oh for Pete's sake...

Ok, I've entered the castle grounds now. A family still lives here but they've been allowing paying visitors since the l920's so they're well used to us gawkers. And just for the past year they've been allowing visitors to see a few rooms of their home which is of course separate from the ruins of the original castle which claims Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth 1 among its royal visitors. I'm walking in illustrious company!
More to come!


Holly Hollyson said...

I am just drinking in that countryside. It looks like the very best of England - pheasants and all!

Jane said...

The poor pheasants most likely are fodder for the shoots.
Jane x

livingrichonthecheap said...

I love all the pictures! You certainly did get good weather for your trip. The castles/old graves/gargoyles are my favorite part though.

Marcelle said...

What an amazing trip this seems to have been! Gives me great ideas for future trips.

I read somewhere that just looking at pictures of nature on a computer can help to relax and lower stress. Well, I'm definitely finding that with all your pictures these past few weeks. I love it when a new post is up. So, post away and load them up with your beautiful pictures!!

mcval said...

Gorgeous!!! My photo album from Ireland weighs about 50 lbs. I can only imagine how much yours will weigh!