Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Exploring Stow on the Wold

I don't know why but I've woken up with a headache the past 3 days. Perhaps it's the heavy cloud cover? It can't still be jet lag can it? Anyhoo the past few days have been busy as I cooked and cooked for Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday. Pumpkin tarts, roast turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, salad, turnip and squash - and now we get to enjoy all of the leftovers!!

Well, yesterday was the OPPOSITE of busy as I worked my way through a novel by John Grisham called "Sycamore Row" and I'm itching to get back to it. Today I got up early to go on a hike but changed my mind when a friend couldn't go and it's calling for rain to begin any moment now. Boo. So we're going to meet for coffee instead :) and then I'm going to rummage through Talize for something to wear to a Halloween party. I'm not feeling particularly inspired but will keep an open mind as I explore.

Big News (to me and Kazi!): the kittens, Luna and Lily, now have access to the entire main floor. Yesterday Lily discovered she could get over the barrier which had kept the pair in the living room for the past week. She was so EXCITED!!! So more kitty-proofing had to be done! We're keeping the door to the basement closed as well as the bathroom and bedroom doors. I admit I was a little worried this morning to see if they had gotten into anything but other than a swiffer duster being mangled all was well! Phew! Who wants to dust anyway?

On to Stow...first a few pix of my B & B which was called The Limes Guest House. I had a lovely room filled with antiques and a shower and a sink (antiques also??) but I had to leave my room, go out to the hallway to access MY bathroom which was only a toilet and a sink. However, I managed.

A nice spot to sit...and that stool near the wardrobe came in VERY handy...

 The view out my window - they had fabulous gardens, that's a pond behind the clothesline and it was full of large goldfish, and the little building next to it was full of exotic birds! The family had two lovely LARGE dogs and 2 lovely little girls who were very sweet and friendly. The whole family was very nice and welcoming.

MY BED!! I loved it and slept very well though I needed the foot stool to access it - even then it was a bit of a stretch for my short legs!
My dressing table and to the left the sink and shower. Every shower was different and....interesting! Getting just the right temperature took a LOT of patience and often the pressure was non-existent!

 Many different "flushing" mechanisms too - this toilet was operated by a pull cord!
 And had a rather antique toilet paper dispenser!

 Just in case you want to visit one day....
Are these the public washrooms you are referring to Jane??  I never went into them, just walked past them. I came from Moreton-in-Marsh and tomorrow am heading to Bourton-on-the-Water though have to admit "Upper Swell" sounds curious :)
I passed this beautiful spot on my way to the village square.
 I'm not sure what this fellow's story is as he sat on that bench for a long time. He was there when I passed at about 3:30pm and when I walked past again at sunset he was still sitting there. He was quite young, in his 20's I'd say, and just down the street a ways was a Youth Hostel. Was he waiting to get in or had he been kicked out? He seemed pretty down in the dumps as you can see by his posture. Being on my own I didn't approach to find out his story.

I really liked the downtown area. Unfortunately the stores closed at 4:30 as it was a Sunday but I did manage to get to one shop and purchased gifts for Kazi and Steve. Small gifts as everything I buy has to fit into my suitcase!

The town square...
 which had a few narrow streets leading off of it - fun to explore!
 My instructions for tomorrow start off from St. Edwards church and I'm wondering if that's it behind those buildings...
 Yes, here's the "church walk" I have to go down...

 Curiosity got the better of me so I entered the church yard (have I mentioned my interest in architecture??)

 This church goes back a looooooong way and still has some of its original features...

I LOVE this side entrance framed by massive tree trunks!

 This door is just my size!! People were a lot shorter several hundreds of years ago!

Back in those times everyone (the common folk) lived pressed up close to the church.

 Many of the gargoyles are in good shape - this one serves a purpose!

  Look up, look waaaaaaaaay up!

 This old gent kindly showed me around inside and shared some of the history with me.

 I'm a big fan of gargoyles...you can see they've tried to protect them from the corrosive elements!

 I moved on to check on landmarks for tomorrow's hike and found THIS fellow hanging from some scaffolding - a modern day gargoyle??

 There's my next landmark for tomorrow - it makes me feel better knowing how to "get out of town" so I won't be wandering around looking lost!

Another lovely door!

 Down a side street I found this lovely coffee shop which was equipped with wifi so I went in and had a delightful meal and got caught up on messages and emails.

When at St. Edwards I had noticed a sign that said there was mass tonight at 6pm. I was very drawn to that church so decided to attend the mass and I'm so glad I did. I got a bit teary-eyed a couple of times and enjoyed it immensely. I would say it was a highlight of my trip.

There's the gift shop where I found a few gifts...

The police station....closed!

 Walking back to my B&B - VERY old buildings along the way...

The Royal Mail is out of service!!

 Remember the opening between homes on my walk downtown? What a tremendous view!

 My timing was perfect!

This sign makes me a little nervous!

 A few more photos of my B&B!

 Putting the foot stool to use!

 And here I am raring and ready to go once again! Next stop: Bournton-on-the-Water!!


Jane said...

The washrooms were on the high street.
It's a lovely area isn't it? Bourton on the Water next?
See you there!
Jane x

444 said...

It's a bit of a pain to sign in, so I haven't commented yet, but I've been reading these travelogues every day and I LOVE THEM - I feel like I'm there. I'm going on vacation vicariously. THANK YOU, and keep on posting.

Don't worry about my weight. It's stabilized. And I think the stress involved has started to turn the corner, too, in a healing direction. Rocky road still, not a smooth ride, to be sure, but at least on the right road, I think. Thank you so much for your concern. I appreciate it greatly!

Holly Hollyson said...

It looks lovely, the road signs make me feel so nostalgic! I can't wait to see them again! Oh England. The dodgy showers sound familiar!

livingrichonthecheap said...

I love the pictures - I am watching the Midsomer Murder series on netfix and it looks so much like that-I am a sucker for old churches too - all the history there!

Sonya Ann said...

What a wonderful trip! My bestie is from England and I have a standing invitation to go and stay with her family. I want to go so bad but I have to come up with a ton of cash. We are hoping to go after DJ graduates.