Thursday, October 9, 2014

Walkabout in Moreton-in-Marsh

 This will be a challenge: I have one kitten to the righ[t [[o
f-----[[ of me (that's her gibberish, not mine) and one kitten to the left of me who is acting as an arm rest for my left forearm (thank you Luna for at least being somewhat useful!!!) Sheesh!!

Ok, here we go.  The door to my room at the Redesdale Arms in Moreton-in-Marsh is between the two large baskets of flowers in the photo below. I was all checked in by 3pm so I had time for a little walkabout in the village.  The order of the photos is not exact because of uploading from both my camera and my iPhone and perhaps even my iPad, who knows, not me, I can't remember, but bear with me.

But isn't it the sweetest little room??

 Finding the motherlode of elderberries happened a bit later but in the grand scheme of events in the world...who cares? They were at perfect ripeness, lushness at its best and I dug right in :)  I was raised eating bucketfulls, literally, of elderberries - do you know how long it takes to take enough off their stems for a pie??? LOADS!!

Then, much later, I had dinner at a sweet little restaurant and had elderberry tea - how perfect!!

 This is the courtyard of the restaurant - there were people there when I arrived but within about 30 minutes I had the place to myself. Yes, I showered.

Dinner was to die for veggie lasagna and what they called a "salad garnish". In other words, very little salad.

Here's a picture of the front of the restaurant - it was called "The Marshmallow"!! How sweet is that!?

Here are some photos of my hotel room - I think they thought I was 80 years old or perhaps every bathroom looks like this...handles everywhere, even a place to sit to shower in the "wet bath".

 A huge bed for one. I was able to open my suitcase up on one half of the bed and still have plenty of room for sleeping.

I love British telly!!

Free sherry!! Guess what - I don't like sherry!  Too bad it wasn't scotch...

Lots of free tea, coffee and hot chocolate.  Cookies in each cup too :)

 A closeup of a flower from the baskets outside my door.

Some of the buildings on High St. (which is what the main street of each village/town is called). Most buildings are constructed from the local limestone and thus have stood for hundreds of years and will likely continue to stand for hundreds more.

 The front door of my hotel.

How fences are built in these parts - dry stone walls they're called since no mortar is used.

A pond down the street from the hotel - there were lots of ducks swimming around.

Photo of my hotel from across the street.

  Another entrance leading to the back of the hotel.

Above the door: "Every noble life leaves the fibre of it interwoven for ever in the work of the world."  by Ruskin (John Ruskin, I presume, a prominent art critic and social thinker in the Victorian era.)

  I spared you about 1,000 photos of the're welcome....but here's just a few more...

It was further along this street that I found the elderberries...

 I had a nice wander in this'll see as the days go by that this isn't the only cemetery I visited!!  But it was one of the prettiest!

  Flower identification anyone??

And finally one last gorgeous view from Moreton-in-Marsh!



Michelle said...

These are awesome photos, Jane. That door! Wowza. I'm trying to envision a dry wall in these parts. It wouldn't likely survive a winter with the frost heaves and being buried for a couple months in heavy wet snow. But how I'd love to have fences like those.

Jane said...

We built dry stone walls here..people always say how they love' very therapeutic building one.
Jane x

Rachel Davis said...

Beautiful photos Jane!