Monday, August 4, 2014

Packing up a Dream

I am busy busy with packing up my belongings in my PEI home. It's a complicated process. There is the stuff I have to take home with me when I leave, hopefully soon; the stuff I want to keep but don't have enough room to take this year so it'll go to my sister's house, errrr sheds; and the stuff that I am going to donate to the Salvation Army. I've already taken a huge load to the Salvation Army and donated about half of my clothes to the Bargain Nook in Alberton. (Today when I was in the grocery store in Alberton I saw a woman wearing one of the tops I donated last week!! Looked good on her too!)

Today I worked in the kitchen, going through all of the cupboards and sorting things out into the 3 different destination piles. I also had a visit from a "former blogger", Johanna and her beau and it was so nice to see them. It's been two years since her last visit and lots has changed in both of our lives since then.

My friend Julie has been an enormous help; keeping me fed and "watered" during my emotional journey. On Wed. I'll be driving her to the airport in Charlottetown and I'll miss her immensely, but if my luck holds out I'll be joining her in London soon. Perhaps you've noticed the change of my header photo - that's my cute little condo this past spring when my crabapple tree was in bloom and my bleeding heart bush. Sweet isn't it? And I changed my photos to a self-portrait of myself in my university days and one of Kazi and myself at one of my retirement dinners.

I think I've settled on which trailer I would like to buy IF it's still available when I'm finally finished up with this place. I may have good news on that score but will wait til I know for sure. Here are pictures of the trailer I'd like to buy:
 Nice covered deck on the back, so even if it's raining I can sit outside!
This is the front, there is a small porch and an addition to the trailer. Also you can see a sweet little shed at the back.
The lot is really nice - lots of trees, bushes and lawn, and of course a firepit!
I want lots of space for visitors (a grandchild someday?) See how there is a dividing wall that can be pulled across to create a bedroom for guests? Also the addition is large and can be an extra bedroom!
Kitchen/dining area, though most cooking and eating would take place outside.

But for now it's a dream so I can't get too invested in this place. Looking around at what's available helps keep me sane and diverts me from what I am losing.  What I wish I could do is pick up Crofters Lane, forest, water view and all and drop it down on the outskirts of London.  But since I can't do that I amuse myself with other possibilities.

I should know something definite about the possible sale of this house Wednesday night so stay tuned!


  1. I just donated a trunk full of clothes to Goodwill. I would love to see someone getting some use out of it. Hope you have good news on Wednesday.

  2. The Trailer is lovely! Is it year round?
    Jane x

  3. I love that you saw a top you donated being worn by its next owner!! Prayers that the beautiful and peaceful trailer will be your next home :)

  4. I'm happy that you made a decision that is best for you. I hope you sell the house quickly ( if I had the money I'd buy the house and move it, then sell the land)... A new dream, a different place to hang your hat in the summer will be wonderful... Plus, you can always come and visit people in the summers to see different parts of the east coast...

  5. I love that trailer, which is really a nice little house. I wish I could have it.

  6. I am glad you are doing what is best for you. You are such a brave and strong woman.

  7. Laura / No More SpendingAugust 6, 2014 at 3:02 AM

    Hi Jane
    I hope you sell the house quickly and get the trailer you want! Good luck :)

  8. well this is exciting news. A possible sale already on the horizon?! How wonderful that would be.

  9. Hey Jane it was awesome to visit with you. I hope things move fast and you can find the direction you really want to be in. I know how it is to sell a house full of memories, I was glad actually to have a year in my house that I could build memories that were just me. I think I now have found peace with the past and am more or less able to let it go. Time really is a healer.
    Hugs to you.

  10. Glad to see you didn't try and hang on just because. When life throws a curveball, you re-evaluate and go from there. Hope you sell quickly and the trailer is still there.


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