Thursday, August 14, 2014

Home once again...

Just letting you know that I am home in London, safe and sound. I drove 7 hours Tuesday and 13 hours on Wednesday. It rained a bit here and there but was smooth sailing. I'm still feeling a bit disoriented but I KNOW it was the right decision.

One of the first things I saw in my house are the big white letters "C" and "L" for Crofters Lane so will be naming the condo using those letters - why waste them?? Plus a lot of suggestions started with "Crabapple" so that works. It's not really a lane however so will think of something else for the "L". Thank you for so many wonderful suggestions - I will answer each of you personally, hopefully tomorrow. I am very tired and am going to put my feet up, relax with my 20 year old cat who is still alive and kicking, watch some Netflix and no doubt fall asleep.

I worked on laundry and putting clothes away plus I got the kitchen done - I brought home several kitchen-related boxes and thankfully the kitchen has assimilated everything. I have enough large knives to carve several turkeys all at the same time! The cupboards are full, the pantry is full, everything is washed and put away and I made a delectable dinner of zucchini spaghetti noodles and cashew alfredo sauce. Oh, and a wee glass of red wine...or two! Last night Kazi, and her boyfriend Steve, greeted me with whole wheat pasta and sauce and homemade sangria :) It's nice having a daughter with great bar tending skills!!

I went to my beloved Asian grocery store to stock up on produce, went to the bank, the liquor store, and the gas station. I unpacked a TON of clothes even though I got rid of about 1/3 of them in PEI. Once again I started tossing as I no longer need work clothes!!! I plan to live in workout clothes and jeans so the thrift stores will be receiving a HUGE donation. I still have my largest suitcase to unpack along with a zillion boxes.

I am seeing the condo with new eyes. I am no longer getting it ready to sell (goodbye neutrals!!) and will be making it perfect for ME! I like your ideas of the condo being "home base" to return to after adventures and travels.

You folks are the best friends I've ever had. And I mean that most sincerely. But if I keep typing I'm going to get all weepy, my nerve endings are still a bit fried but I am feeling good, feeling positive.

Oh, once more thing...the offer to purchase Crofters Lane is conditional on Leigh's other house closing on the 27th of this month. It should be fine as he has found out that their financing is in order. It's just a bit nerve-wracking waiting so it's a good thing I have so much to do around here - hah! So say a prayer or cross your fingers that all goes as it should. I have a good feeling about it - I think it was meant to be but your support means a lot to me. It's less than 2 weeks to wait, that's not too bad.

So raise your glass along with me - here's to "Crabapple L______"!!!  OH, I'VE GOT IT - it just popped into my head as I typed that!! Are you ready???


So many layers of meaning!!

 There's lots to love....
 new flagstone patio
all new flooring
 safe and cozy from the elements
 new kitchen floor
 my best ol' kitty
my new subway tile
my beloved snowdrops
 my new dining room coming together
my accidental amazing curtain/carpet combo
my new and improved foyer!!


  1. Glad to know you made it home safe and sound! Like the name, Crabtree Landing...

  2. It's gonna be good...real good!
    Jane x

  3. Glad you're back at your lovely Crabapple Landing!

  4. livingrichonthecheapAugust 14, 2014 at 9:41 PM

    I love it! What is even better is its home, lots of memories there plus you mostly picked out the decorating scheme in the last few months so it seems like a new place! You deserve the best (plus red wine, we cannot forget that :))

  5. Cindy Masterson-RothAugust 14, 2014 at 9:52 PM

    Could also be Celebrating Life !

  6. I am so very happy for you Jane! Love Crabapple Landing! I'm in a condo myself and love the coziness of it! Crabapple Landing might be the new name for the blog!

  7. I'm happy for you, Jane. And I'm glad you tried fulfilling your PEI dream, taxing as it was. Had you not bothered, you might have always wondered if you made the right decision. As you say, you're seeing your condo through new eyes - a fresh new start with all your reno work and a new chapter in life with all your family and friends right there! Life is good! PS: I haven't forgotten to mail your earrings. OK, well I did and I didn't and I did and I didn't. You know how that goes, right? I'll mail them Monday for sure. It's raining cats and dogs so I'm having a PJ day. :)

  8. witchisland.blogspot.caAugust 15, 2014 at 1:34 PM

    So happy that you are home safe and sound.
    I just love the look of your condo and all the hard work that was done.
    I also think Crabapple Landing is perfect. You have landed with both feet planted perfectly at home base.

  9. Wow! I did NOT realize how far away that was. I had always pictured it as being "right across the water" somewhere "up north." I looked at the map and howdy doody, that's as far as from where I live to the bottom of Florida. You are really something else, doing all that driving. And I might venture to guess that a lot of that drive might be...boring? Not exciting at every turn? Some stuff to see up there, for sure, but it looks like a lot of countryside.

  10. Correction: It's nearly TWICE as long as Maryland to Miami. MIND-BOGGLING

  11. oops, I was comparing kilometers to miles and unaware of it, duh. So it is roughly the same distance. Sorry to post-hog, but I had to correct myself. Still mind-boggling. Glad you are home!

  12. Oh Jane, this post really did make me smile and tear up a little bit. I am so happy for you - you sound so at ease now! It is all going to be perfectly lovely amd .I am so glad you have that lovely cat too!

  13. Looks awesome Jane! I'm so glad you are HOME safe and sound. AND, you have practically a brand new condo! LOVE the name too!

  14. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your home! And I think you should change the letter around to LC for lucky crap. Just a thought.
    And I honest to God I think of my blogging friends as a true Gift. You rank at the top, my dear.

  15. Looks fantastic, and such great energy I feel coming from you and your home.


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