Sunday, August 31, 2014

Trailer Talk

** Late Breaking News!!

I've been hemming and hawing, wondering what to do about my trip to England in light of the ongoing volcanic eruptions in Iceland which as you might remember shut down all European flights in 2010, over 100,000 flights in total!! Another eruption occured last night and continues to spew magma but there is no ash, just steam and the latest updates seem somewhat reassuring:

"Fissure eruption small and contained

Although Sunday's fissure eruption was more powerful than the one on Friday, experts said the situation is contained and is unlikely to result in the same level of aviation chaos as in 2010."

So, I'm NOT going to cancel my trip - I'm going to go on the assumption that all will work out.

On Friday I visited the trailer park where I used to own a trailer. Since I sold it to friends I decided it would be ok to park in front of the old place while I looked over a few trailers for sale. I couldn't resist taking some photos of all the perennials/bushes/trees I had planted over the years and still feel attached to - the zebra grass is suffocating the Japanese willow to its left but the black-eyed susans are holding their own! The current owners don't seem to believe in pruning so the place is looking a bit wild.

That's a shot of the lilac tree I planted - for 2 or 3 years it didn't bloom but I could see that it had bloomed this past spring :)
The spiraea bushes continue to prosper and it looks like some of the "susans" have jumped over to join them.
 The other flowering bushes I planted to add privacy are doing that job very well!! There's little lamb hydrangea and abelia and they really need some pruning - anyone sitting at the picnic table could get devoured!!
 The outside light is going to soon disappear! We transplanted a couple of these tall purple flowering plants (they were the only plant here when I bought the place and I still don't know what they're called!) and they are doing very well!
I did a lot of planting to create privacy from the road for the firepit area and it worked!! It's like The Secret Garden! Tall grasses, Virginia Creeper, more abelia and little lamb hydrangea...

My outdoor decorations are still hanging around :)
 The virginia creeper almost blocks the view from the nosy neighbour's window!

My creation using a pair of shutters etc blocks out the neighbours quite well but once again some pruning would be helpful or soon there will no space left to sit around the fire! But I still love the spot and am glad everything is healthy and growing well.

I walked by (several times) each of the trailers I'm interested in. Surprisingly the lot for the $15,000 trailer is WAY nicer and more private than the $50,000 one so I emailed the manager to make a date to see inside. The less expensive lot is larger and has fewer trailers around it and the current owners haven't planted very much so there is potential for me to do lots of gardening. I was also pleased to see lots of people had planted vegetables which is something I'd like to do also. I'll keep you posted!

This Tuesday I take all the real estate papers to my lawyer so he can notarize my signature and then I return them to the other lawyer in PEI. Almost a done deal. AND perhaps I'll have myself a trailer by the end of the week! Keep your fingers crossed! No photos though til it's all worked out.


  1. I was flying to Paris during the eruptions in May 2010... Thankfully we weren't delayed or canceled, as things got back to normal TWO days before I flew out... and then I thought "would it be such a bad thing if it erupted again and I was stuck IN PARIS FOR AN EXTRA WEEK?" :-)

    This time I'm flying out early October, and hopefully things will be back to normal by then too! I don't want to lose sleep over it now... hope you don't worry too much either!

    Good luck on the house sale and can't wait to hear if you get a trailer :-)

  2. Ahh, how lovely that your plants and decorations are still there! I bet you were itching to get stuck in and do some pruning though! I hope the volcano doesn't affect anything, I know how awful that would be.

  3. Jane, you have a beautiful hand at gardening. How did you like the book on edible landscaping?

  4. livingrichonthecheapAugust 31, 2014 at 1:13 PM

    Definitely don't cancel your trip. If something happened you don't have a job you have to be back by a specific day for and likely they would re-route your air travel with the downside being more flying time/connections. No need to put it off. You need a holiday! These are exciting times for you - I hope you get a little trailer/pad of your dreams again!

  5. I have a 'thing' for trailers and RVS....can't wait!!
    Jane x

  6. Things are moving quickly! Love all the gardening. Had to laugh out loud at the creeper bush covering the neighbor's window... anti-creepers creeper bush?


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