Monday, August 18, 2014

Lucky Crap Indeed

Thanks Sonya Ann for putting a whole new twist onto the letters CL - which previously stood for "Crofters Lane" and now stand for "Crabapple Landing". Trust Sonya Ann for coming up with the idea of switching the letters around LC, instead of CL, (duh, why didn't I think of that?) with her offering of "Lucky Crap" for starters :) :) :) I lol'd myself right out of my chair and onto the floor!! I'm still laughing and that feels simply wonderful! goes...
(ahhhhh, look at my sweet Kazi around age 12 - pre-blond hair and extensions and makeup days:)

Yesterday's list of "Lucky Crap" includes but is not limited to the following:
Thames River pathway


Great Blue Heron

  • a 90 minute walk along the Thames River (breaking in my hiking boots!!)
  • a visit in my patio area by Charlie the chipmunk (perhaps he stowed away in my truck from PEI? I have many squirrels around here, rabbits and skunks but have never been befriended by a chipmunk before here in London so I was using my best friendly chipmunk speak so he can get used to my voice-I'll let you imagine the conversation :)
  • I gave myself a haircut which along with a lovely indulgent pedicure (complete with massage chair!) and some facial waxing has put me back into peak form!!
  • I made a really good batch of hummus in my beloved Vitamix and along with a few bottles of wine visited my friend Troy who has moved into a new little house near the river (Jules came too) so we sat in her back yard, enjoyed the sunshine and catching up on news - and there was PLENTY to share since I hadn't seen her since June!
  • came home around 8pm and caught up on blog reading which was delightful as always and full of good laughs
  • cuddled with my 20 year old cat and watched a couple episodes of "Rectify" on Netflix (I have to lift my senior citizen kitty up on the couch now as she is so arthritic she can no longer jump up and down - she nestled in behind my legs and we had a nice long cozy cuddle)
  • read a few pages of "Wild" on my iPad in bed but was asleep in no time - it could take me quite a while to finish that book at this rate - but it's not like I have a deadline or anything!
And now to clear some space in my bedroom - I'm going to buy a new desk and bookshelf as I have more "Lucky Crap" than I have places to put it! I got rid of a lot of old furniture during renos so there is nowhere for all of my school crap to go nor all the stuff I brought home from PEI. If I can swing getting a trailer then there will be lots of stuff I can take there but I REALLY REALLY need a computer station/desk type area and I no longer own a desk! The horrors! I have one picked out but will wait til it's here in my room and set up before I share it with you.

Have a great day and I hope yours is filled with as much LUCKY CRAP as mine has been so far!


Jane said...

"Lucky Crap" could be a blog meme!
Love it....lucky crap,that is...not the regular sort that hits fans.
Jane x

Lena said...

Sounds like you had an enjoyable and relaxing day :)

Kim said...

Did you end up keeping a lot of teaching stuff, Lucky Chick? I plan on getting rid of all this school stuff in 5 years. Enjoy your lovely LC.

livingrichonthecheap said...

That Sonya Ann, always full of piss and vinegar, and makes you smile every time :) When acquiring new stuff at this point in life, after downsizing so much make sure to only buy things that bring you complete joy. I cannot wait to see your desk!

mcval said...

Yay for Lucky Crap!!! Some day I want to have a minimalistic home. The same one, just cleaner with Less Crap... and people...

Jane Harrison said...

Lucky Chick is a good one too!

judy said...

I am going to think of it as "cheerful living" or "charmed life".......because I wish you both

Tania said...

Haha, I like Charmed life. But indeed, there's a lot of lucky crap going on. Much better than the alternatives!

Sonya Ann said...

Hahahaha! You do realize that you are taking and implementing the advise of a crazy person. Maybe you should make a list of all of the possibilities everyone has listed and then set out a little sign explaining it and then change it whenever need be. You could get a dry erase board. Or you could stick with lucky crap. I have the feeling that its always going to be at the top of the list.