Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bye Julie, I miss you already!!

Yesterday my friend Julie, who has spent the last 3 weeks with me, had to return to London, Ontario. She is such a good friend to put up with my rolicking emotions - up one day, down the next. She was here when I woke up one morning knowing I had to sell Crofters Lane and go back to London. She has been fully supportive of my decision and has helped me get the place ready to sell by painting and keeping me fed while I sort through my belongings.

For example, she'd make me a bacon and tomato sandwich for brunch then cook up chicken breasts on the BBQ and make a fabulous salad for dinner. Do you know what I had for dinner tonight? A jar of beets and a concoction from my juicer: carrots, pineapple, sweet potato and 2 apples. Well, the juice was for breakfast and lunch and there was about half a glass left that I enjoyed as a side dish to my big bowl of beets :) I'm so silly. Oh, and a beer!

So we were off to the big city of Charlottetown and had lunch at my favorite place - The Gahan House. I had a pint of their famous in-house craft red amber beer :p and their island famous Brown Bag Fish & Chips while Julie splurged on lobster fettuccine and white wine. Then a little shopping and off to the airport...

                                    The inimitable Jules!
                          View from our table at the Gahan House.  (well, I zoomed in a bit!)
                        Yes, indeed it is!!
                      My favorite place in the world for fish and chips...for now...
                                       Oh, just because :)
                                Me and my reflection - I like how I can take a selfie while still keeping
                                            one hand in my pocket lol!

So today it was back to life on my own.  I didn't mope - nope. I got busy - I cleaned out the fridge and wiped down all the shelves. I painted trim and touched up cupboards etc., I made juice, I called the plumber yet again, I arranged for my lawn guy to come and mow, I cleaned some windows (need to do the outsides), and made a wonderful dinner :) !! I read for awhile and caught up on blogs. The book I'm reading is called "Wild (Oprah's Book Club Edition) A Journey from Lost to Found" - which is about a woman who walked the Pacific Coast Trail after losing her mother to cancer, divorcing her husband, getting involved with heroin and otherwise getting totally lost in her grief. I'm hoping it provides me with some inspiration and ideas on moving forward in life after loss.

And now good night - it's been a long day and tomorrow is an exercise morning!


livingrichonthecheap said...

That is what really awesome friends are for and Julie sounds like one of them. Make sure to feed your self properly (on occasion, maybe get some cereal? It is my go to balanced lazy meal) and continue on all the steps necessary to sell Crofters Lane.

Sharon said...

I'm so glad you had someone there to take care of you. This must have been a rough trip. There definitely is life after loss, Jane, and I'm hoping you find it sooner rather than later. You deserve only the best!! If nothing else, you can always come visit me! :)!

Kim said...

Please do a book review after reading Wild. Your description sounded familiar and then I realized I had purchased it and it's on my Kindle. I think I stumbled upon that one because I've read several other books about hiking the PCT. Hugs to you as you continue on your own PCT journey.

Sonya Ann said...

Your friend is a gift!
One foot in front of the other and if that doesn't work have a drink and say F--- it! You about have things in order, pretty soon you will see that this is for the best. Some days you can't tell the good news from the bad.

Cindy Masterson-Roth said...

Just got caught up a bit on your previous posts, sure glad I did or I would have been way out of the loop ! Sorry about your past dream, however congrats on your new dreams ahead ! xx

Bkat said...

What a very nice friend!

I've been following your decision to sell the PEI property. It was a dream that you turned into reality and now I hope you flip that "CL" into a financial boost!

I love your new goal for a trailer again. What a nice quick get away you will have close to home.

Wishing you quick sale !