Saturday, August 25, 2018

Thrifty Days Sort of...

I love these sorts of posts almost as much as I love a good bargain! The following items are purchases I made when I went with my friend Julie to check out some thrift stores in Stratford, ON. Not all were "thrifty" as you will see...

The hat below is a Goodwill purchase of $1.50. This is a possible throw away item for when my brother and I go to Scotland in less than THREE weeks!! I like this hat, it fits well though I don't know what team it represents...nor do I care. I picked blue simply because my rain coat is blue so I'll be semi-coordinated on rainy days :) If I need to get rid of anything to make room somewhere in my suitcase or backpack when flying home and no longer want to wear a sweat-stained hat I can dispose of it and not feel any regret.

I popped into a shoe store in Stratford because I wanted a good quality product to keep my boots waterproof and supple. This should do the trick!

In no way could my boots be labelled a "thrifty purchase" but this just goes to show that I can occasionally make a more expensive purchase when need be. And good quality hiking boots are no place to try and save money! I have hiked in them and they feel good. Definitely worth $400+!!

Two books from the same Goodwill store - the first I bought for myself, the second Julie bought for me for my birthday and is an Oprah's Book Club book. It's a big fat book, they both are, and I am almost finished the Rohinton Mistry book - it's so good!! Don't remember the price but not much!

In another thrift store, Salvation Army I think...I found two excellent pairs of shoes. The runners are by Sketchers and something I've been looking for for awhile. I like a solid white shoe and they are not big clodhoppers that make my legs look like know what I mean! They were clean and new and worth more than the $4.00 I paid for them.

I found some nice tops as well - this one appealed to my habit of buying grey/black and/or white with a nice patterned material, a cute peasant style neckline and...

...a really cute label hee hee! How could I resist?

This top below was the piece de resistance! And it looked like a million bucks when I tried it on. I love 3/4 length sleever (I have short arms), the neckline was flattering and I loved the colours and the fabric. It was $3 or $4 dollars.

Then we popped into the local Winners to check out the clearance racks. I found two tops - the tank top below with criss-cross back that looks awesome with...

...the sweet jacket/top I had just picked up for next to nothing.

Oops, I'm slightly out of order... here's the other fab pair of shoes I found - Aldo brand with the label stick stuck to the bottoms of the shoes, and again - so cute! I've been looking for flats so another box ticked!

Back to Winners...this was another top on the Clearance rack and it looked great when I tried it on. It's one of those tops that don't look like much on the hanger but when you put it on it's perfect! Hugged me in all the right places...

Gorgeous deep blue tie-dye sort of fabric.

And last but not least (for today) is a freebie: Julie bought this bathing suit top but it didn't fit her so she gave it to me. I've taken to wearing a "tankini" when at the beach - boy shorts and tank top = tankini. I definitely don't wear bikinis anymore and one piece suits are a pain in the washroom. It fits well and I already had the boy shorts - we have maybe one beach day left before Julie goes back to work (school teacher) but I'll be ready! 

Thriftiness while in Bracebridge coming next...


  1. You’ll be supporting the Detroit Lions with your cap. :). Love to see your finds. I’ve been back to school. 2.5 weeks in for teachers and 2 weeks in for students.

  2. Hi Kim: I've been thinking a lot about school - even though I'm headed into year 5 of my retirement I still get excited around this time of year. Hope you've had a good start to your year and Go Detroit!! :)

  3. Great finds! I need to do a "found at the thrift store" post too, maybe next week. Time to get back into the work and blogging groove

  4. Jackpot finds. I learned feet are my most valued body part right now. Save on clothes to splurge on necessary boots.

  5. Cheapchick - Fall is in the air, somewhere, not here though...that's for sure! We're in another hot and humid air mass which I detest! Have had rain for three days in a row - makes it hard to get out biking. Missing your blog. A post of your thrifty finds would be very welcome!
    Sam - you're sooooo right about footwear and feet being so important - if our feet aren't comfortable then the rest of our body isn't either!

  6. Great finds! Love the blue and white tie-dyed shirt.

  7. Looks like some great deals. I often find myself looking for that "special deal" myself. Thanks for sharing.


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