Monday, August 27, 2018

Forgot one...

Oops, forgot about this thrifty little purchase from the Re-Store in Bracebridge. I have a 
"thing" about little bowls. We use a couple with pretty much every meal for
dipping sauces, hot sauce, raw veggies etc.
I picked up this cute pair for $0.25 each and I love them!
They are the perfect size for sliced 
mini-cucumbers and for a half lemon.
Every morning I drink the juice of half a lemon and store the other half in the fridge
 (otherwise I have fruit flies)...
Poifect :) and the price was right!
What do you think that is a picture of...olives?


  1. Definitely picture of olives, I think those are tapa bowls but I too love little bowls, always seem to be using them (I got mine at the thrift too although mine are not nearly as cute)

  2. I love little bowls, too! I had a set of four antique bowls. The person gave them to me for $2 for all four. Yesterday, I looked outside and found one is broken. I don't use them outside, but I had a reason to have them out


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