Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Happy For a Rainy Day!

Did you hear about the fields of sunflowers that were damaged by hordes of people looking for the perfect selfie photo to post on Instagram? This actually happened about an hour from where I live in Flamborough, ON. 

Here's the news item below:

"What would you do for the perfect selfie? Would you trespass? Park illegally? Trample a sunflower field with thousands of other people just to get Instagram likes?

Over the weekend of July 29th over 7,000 cars showed up after sunflower photos taken at the farm went viral on social media. The police had to get involved and the Bogles have now permanently
 banished the public from visiting the sunflower field.

Berry Bogle just wants it to all go away.“There are even local businesses mad at us right now," he said".
"People are parking in their parking lot and walking over to our field. They are taking the heads of the sunflowers and taking them home."
He says some of the crop is now ruined, but people keep showing up, telling the Globe and Mail the influx of selfie seekers was like "the zombie apocalypse."
The photos below were taken by me...but not at the Bogles farm near Flamborough. No, I was with a friend who was going thrift shopping in Stratford and along the way we happened across this field of sunflowers. Naturally we took a few photos but I assure you we didn't go into the field nor did we take any sunflowers home with us (but we did have an awesome time thrifting!)
Consider yourselves extremely lucky because other than maybe on Facebook I won't be posting these fabulous sunflowers on Instagram or anywhere else and I won't be telling anyone where this field is!
Feast your eyes!
Why would anyone want to foist their mug in amongst these glorious flowers anyways??
Sign me confused!


SAM said...

There is a huge trend for graduation /senior photos in sunflower fields as well. I hope the photographers are either growing their own, or paying for the privilege because not cool to ruin a field or farmers livelihood.

Jackie Mc Guinness said...

We were driving to Stratford that weekend and couldn't figure out where all these people walking along the highway were going! Cars were parked everywhere.
So stupid and rude!

Jane said...

Sam - really? I've never heard of grad photos combined with sunflowers though I can imagine that it is getting harder to be "original" in this age of instagram and twitter etc.

Jackie - it must have been a horrendous traffic jam!

Cheapchick said...

People are truly horrible. Did you hear about the guy from Alberta who fell 150 feet off a waterfall here in bc because he climbed over a fence to take pictures (probably selfies). He was super lucky and didn't die. I love sunflowers too, such happy flowers

Caree Risover said...

See a sunflower and smile, you just can't help it. I always grow a a couple at the back of my vegetable patch every year but whole fields like that,Wow!