Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Thrift Shop Finds

After a previous post Sam (of A New Frame of Reference) gave me a suggestion about what to pack for my trip to Scotland.  She suggested an Oxford type shirt that can act as a jacket as well. I thought that was a great idea so off I went to my neighbourhood thrift store (Talize) where I had a good look around. Not only did I find a couple of shirts to fit the bill I found a couple of sweaters as well! Prepare to be dazzled! (not really, but it sounds

The first little number is a tie-died shirt from  Garage.  It will look great with jeans when I'm in civilization. It's big enough to go over any number of layers and will also fit under my rain jacket. It isn't a typical Oxford style shirt but will hide any number of drips and spills that it will undoubtedly gather along the way :)
(Does anyone else have a problem with tipping your coffee cup before it hits your lips? Or am I the only klutz?)

And then there's this creamy white number (I may need to take a Tide to Go stick for this one!!) But I couldn't resist as it's such a good quality shirt. It's a Woolrich; a Canadian brand which is known for its high quality outdoor clothing. It has a number of details which will really come in handy: inner zipped pockets, button tabs that open at the bottom of each side seam, sleeves that roll up and button and the collar comes up and buttons around the...

...neck as shown it the next photo! Again I can fit a tank top, a T-shirt and/or long sleeved top underneath it.

I also purchased two sweaters as shown below - a Hollister with 3/4 length sleeves (which on my short arms are the perfect length :)

...and a super warm sweater which I am tempted to put on right now as it is a cool, damp kind of day when I  want to wrap up in something cozy!

And finally...a white jacket for everyday use on the trail. I've read that mosquitoes/midges are attracted to dark colours so I am tending towards lighter clothes while hiking. The is the back - for some reason I didn't take a photo of the front??? But it shows that a certain area is mesh which I hope will deter the midges while also allowing for much-needed ventilation. I like the fitted style and always try to find an everyday "hiking" jacket that has zippered pockets. I also DON'T wear hoodies as I wear a hat plus rain jacket hood so hoodies just don't work for me. This jacket ticks all the boxes!

So that is the sum of my "new to me" purchases for Scotland. I've also purchased NEW tanks and T-shirts ($4.00 and $5.00 respectively at Giant Tiger) for layering purposes. I'm sure I've mentioned before that if I need some extra suitcase room prior to hitting the duty-free then I leave behind thrift store purchases and cheap tanks and tees. As I end my trip in Glasgow I'm sure I can donate my extra clothing to another thrift shop.
Okay...I have goose bumps - time for a cozy sweater!

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