Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Mispellings oops Misspellings!!

Thank you to the reader who pointed out that I was spelling Ucluelet wrong. Hope I have corrected all of the misspellings now! I think I was spelling it like Iqaluit, the capital city of Nunavut :) But anyways...the older I get the more speeling mistakes I make hahaha!

Today I have a wee rant. If anyone is reading this in London, ON and you have your property taxes set up as an automatic withdrawal, (like me), you might want to check your account to make sure it didn't get deducted twice, as it did for 33,000 people (like me) this month! Apparently someone sent the file twice (so far) causing lots of people to go into overdraft (NOT like me...yet!!)

 Like Kim is trying to do @ Out My Window I start each month with all the money I need for bills in my chequing account. However I don't keep more in there than I need and I certainly don't wish to pay my property taxes twice in one month! I could go into overdraft if this isn't quickly corrected!

Sooooo....I emailed City Hall to talk to THE MAN because I'd read in the paper that everyone had been reimbursed by last Friday (not me) and was told that the refund information had been sent to all the banks (not mine) so I should contact my bank. Oh great...

Phoned my bank and after being put on hold for a lengthy period of time listening to the worst music ever they told me that while they could see that it was deducted twice they hadn't received any information about refunding it to me. Sigh....they said I should wait a few more days and check again. Not bloody likely!!

I emailed the MAN again and he is contacting the bank  again to see what's what! And here I wait...

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