Monday, July 10, 2017

Are you sick of the Travelogue yet?

If not, read on haha........Hiking the Wild Pacific Trail!
I've been on a bit of a hiatus as it was Sunfest weekend here in London, ON. That's when bands from all over the world vie for space in Victoria Park with 100+ food booths and craft/clothing/etc booths to make a hot, spicy blend of wonderfulness! More on that later.

First let's go to Ucluelet B.C. As you saw from the photos of my trek TO Ucluelet it was a warm sunny day. When I was a few kms away from Ucluelet the sun disappeared and I was enveloped in a foggy mist that took the edges off the trees and rocks.

The hike started - here - at the sturdy Amphitrite lighthouse built in 1915 to withstand hurricane force winds. Then the trail wound along the clifftops in a big loop with dozens of places created for photo ops. I had drops of moisture on my eyelashes and skin and I needed my hoodie for the first couple of hours.

It was a bit ghost walky for awhile looking out at trees and rocks shrouded in mist. I didn't find it slippery at all - the trails are obviously well-looked after. There were many signs posted to stay off the rocks but of course there were always a few (much younger and foolish) folks who took the risk.
This lookout spot is called The Crow's Nest! (this photo was taken a little later in the day hence the blue skies)

I had not the slightest inclination to go clambering around off trail on the rock formations - it's times like these I feel my age! Thankfully! At least there's two of them - if one falls and kills himself/herself at least the other person can locate the body!

Back to the foggy morning...

 I like the "atmosphere" that great billowing waves of fog gives to the landscape.

Gradually it cleared up and it became sunny and warm. Perfect for the day's activity.

I was disappointed that I didn't see any whales or other marine life though I was lucky to see eagles soaring over the cliffs but you know me and birds - just can't get them to sit still for photos!

In one spot there were stairs down to the beach. I found a couple of rocks (looked like fossils) that I added to to pile collected by many previous hikers.

Everywhere I go I find tree/log/driftwood sculptures - fantastic!

*Teaching moment* - below is the "selfie" you get when you forget to zoom out after a closeup of said tree sculpture!  OOPS!

There's one of my little rocks (above) that I donated to the pile. Isn't it cute?

Then I found a bench and sat to contemplate life for awhile (and eat trail mix and smarties! :) Contemplating life can make a girl hungry!

It's still a bit misty here though beyond the closer trees you can see another beach way below with a trail that I briefly hiked.

So many little islands.
 The day is clearing up - I'm glad I didn't let the fog scare me away.

Some baby ferns - so cute! I half-expected to see a dinosaur - just a little baby one of course!

Once section of the trail went through an "old growth" forest where the trees were immense. And beautiful. And regal. And invincible (I wish - the fierce winds over the centuries have taken taken their toll!)

Ending off with my favourite misty photo.

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