Tuesday, July 4, 2017

On the Way to Ucluelet B.C.

I was going to do an "Ucluelet" post highlighted by my hike there on the Wild Pacific Trail but as I was scrolling through my photos I realized that some of the most beautiful scenes were the ones I snapped from the side of the road while travelling to and from Ucluelet. They are so incredible I thought they deserved their own post. At this rate I ought to be done posting about my B.C. adventure by the end of 2017!! 
 These photos are even more amazing when you consider I risked my life and limbs trying to find places to pull over my car without driving off a cliff or getting hit while getting out of said car! There are not a lot of places to pull over or turn around in after driving past a scenic spot. So I didn't get them all but I got a few. And I saw two cars in the ditch while travelling  that day so keeping my eyes on the road was a major priority!

If you look at these reflection photos sideways they look like Rorschach inkblot photos - what do you see??

                                                Gravelly Jane with tiny head and hand :)
                                                     but, oh, look at those long legs!!

One of the lovelier waterfalls along the way and one close enough that I could get a decent photo.

 The weather was brilliant!

                                         I didn't bring a lock - I didn't know that was a thing!

                                       A winding river...will be seen again on my return trip!

 I zoomed by a sign that said "Kennedy Lake" so wanting to explore I turned around (eventually) and went down a little gravel road. I parked, walked a hundred metres or so along a trail and then, suddenly, this is what I saw!! This gorgeous spot was one of the highlights of my day.

 Kennedy Lake

Kennedy Lake

Kennedy Lake
Below - the path from my car to the lake.

There were a few people out on boats... 

 Low lying clouds make for great photos!

Some people had a fire going and the combination of the wood smoke
and the glorious lake was indescribable. If I'd had a tent and more food I
would have stayed for a few days!

The next two photos were taken on my way back from Ucluelet - I was looking for a spot where I could eat the remains of my lunch. I was feeling famished after all the hiking at Ucluelet (next post). I found a place where I could safely pull over, sat on a rock and absorbed the beautiful scene in front of me. What a fantastic day!

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