Thursday, October 6, 2016

I Miss You

Yes, I do, I miss you all.  I keep waiting til I get everything done around here...waiting for that "perfect moment" to blog. Well, guess what? It's never going to be the "perfect moment" so I need to accept that and continue on with my imperfect life and writing posts.

Last I wrote my darling Lilypad was sick due to being dehydrated and I was getting ready to go to Ireland. She gradually recovered and by the day I left she was running around again. Big sigh of relief. She's doing so well now that she has made a new friend with the kitty in the mirror.

 It's pretty adorable!

I have an office set up in my big bedroom upstairs (where I am now) but gradually over the past two years a lot of junk important stuff found its way downstairs to my living room and dining room creating a rather cluttered windswept look so I've been spending some time reorganizing my office-y space. Much better now. Lily likes to be wherever I am so she comes up to my office/bedroom and makes eyes at herself in the mirror.

We've been having some lovely weather and Lily continues her dream of becoming a free range cat. She has figured out that if she climbs on top of the BBQ she can look over the fence. She's pretty obedient thankfully and all I have to do is say her name and she climbs back down...temporarily. 

Annie and I had a pretty amazing trip spending time in Dublin, Galway, Inis Mor (one of the Aran Islands), Cork/Blarney and a few other places along the way. I'll start posting some photos soon (you can also check on FB if we're friends, and if we're not...why not? ) Send me a friend request! (Jane Harrison)

I've changed my blog header photo to a pretty amazing photo of Killary Harbour (a fjord!!), now one of my favourite places in the world including the little village at the end of it - Leenane. We took so many pictures as we walked along the harbour it's a wonder we ever made it to Leenane!

So much to tell you! Must catch up with you all too - I'm sure you haven't been doing nothing over the past couple of months!

We were always so happy so see our friend and way marker "The Little Yellow Man"
for then we knew we weren't lost!!

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