Friday, October 7, 2016

New Start Trial #2

As was so kindly pointed out to me by Annie - my header photo is NOT what I meant it to be! (I'm off to a good start am I not?) I meant to put up the same photo as I have on Facebook which is this one.....

...which IS still one of my favourite places in the fact...Annie and I had day dreams about living in Leenane which is at the other end of the harbour to the right, out of range in this photo :)

This is not to detract from the header photo that I did post on this blog yesterday (it is lovely is it not?) it's just not exactly where I said it was, but not too much further on in our hike.  Beside the River Erriff on the way to the tiny village of Drummin and a pub that was closed....but that's another story.

And this is why Kim calls me a goof! I can't even blame it on jet lag anymore! Anyhoo, there will be lots more photos in more or less chronological order and full of memories :)

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