Friday, October 14, 2016

Scoped out!

I meant to write a post yesterday but I was in lala land all day. All I got done was the title! Last thing I can remember about my colonoscopy was the feeling of fading away into a lovely dream land. The next thing I was aware of was the nurse asking me if I wanted gingerale or apple juice. Gingerale please :)

All is well and I don't have to go through that again for another 10 years. The worst part was ingesting the horrible purging medication 3 times prior to the procedure. Enough said about that! Total cost for the procedure - $0.00 :)

I had a nice afternoon of laying on the couch reading and dozing with Lily stretched across me. Awwww...

Last night I had a dream that I had a yard sale and made $83,000.00.

Good drugs eh?!!

Today my head still feels a little fuzzy but definitely better. I'll get out into the nice brisk yet sunny day and do some errands which should help my head clear. Not sure about the weekly sit-in that I participate in at our local MP's office every Friday or playing volleyball tonight. Gonna play it by ear. Or, in this case, by brain.

Here's the lovely Luna hiding under my yoga mat. She has a few "hiding" spots around the house and when I walk by she jumps out and attacks my feet. I'm usually ready for it as she forgets to tuck in her tail :)
Ready to pounce!
Happy Friday everyone - do you have weekend plans? If you are from the States do you have to pay to have a colonoscopy done?

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Kim said...

Depends on your insurance. I just had a friend who had one and I think he'll end up paying several hundred dollars after insurance. If I understand my insurance right it will pay 100%. People complain about Obama care, but I like it because it is getting preventative procedures covered. My plan is a private group policy through my school district, but it is following the ACA policies after being grandfathered in for quite a few years. Insurance in the US is very complicated.