Sunday, August 21, 2016

Simply Sublime....

....the weather, that is. The last few days have been absolute torture around these parts - so HOT, so HUMID! How hot and humid was it?

I had to take my sweet little Lily to the vet on Friday. I noticed, after getting up early for an appointment, that she hadn't followed me downstairs as per usual. So I went on the hunt and found her in my bedroom asleep on a fur blanket. She was lethargic and wouldn't eat or drink. I loaded her into a pet carrier and carried it out to the truck, thinking man, why is she so heavy? I put the carrier into the truck and went around to the driver's side to get in. Then I took LUNA back into the house as she had climbed into the pet carrier when I wasn't looking! Nice try Luna!

I had to take this blanket away too. Luna likes to just lie on the floor but Lily likes to be very cozy - she doesn't have as thick of a fat layer as Luna does.

Sorry Luna, you can't go :(

Looking out the patio door on Saturday - starting to take an interest again.

The vet injected Lily with water subcutaneously as he felt she was dehydrated and she had a slight fever. He gave us a little pill cut into 4 pieces to stimulate her appetite. Back at home I put the fur blanket in my closet along with several other items that she likes to curl up on but are way too hot. She ate some of the special wet food that the vet gave us but then she threw up. Then I had the idea to tempt her with the water from cans of tuna - well she gobbled that up and it stayed down. Fortunately we eat a lot of tuna and I had half a dozen cans in the cupboard. I stayed up with her all night Friday getting water into her every hour plus I wiped her down with a wet washcloth as it cools her skin while it evaporates.

Watching the neighbours move.

 On Saturday she started to eat more and drink more but continued just to sleep. I had cranked the A/C and we didn't go outside. Yesterday was extremely brutal with the humidex reaching close to 40c. Today relief has arrived - it's only 17c with a nice cool breeze and we have all the doors and windows open. We went outside on the patio for about 15 minutes and Lily is spending time at each door and window in the house to see what she's missed. She still isn't her usual self, she doesn't want to play but she is moving around albeit at a sedate pace. She is back to her crunchy food with tuna juice on the side. Her temperature went down yesterday into the normal range and down more today - yes I have a thermometer and I know how to use it :)

In another day or two I think she'll be back to her normal activity levels. Zoom zoom zoom! Her sister Luna has been by her side constantly - she is so loving and sympathetic. Every once in a while Luna checks Lily and gives her a good licking :)

On Wed. I'll be flying out of Toronto on the red-eye to Heathrow then Dublin and Annie and I will meet up on Friday!! Very exciting. So I am going to take a blogging break and catch up with you all when I get back, around mid September.

See September....everybody sing along!

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