Tuesday, October 11, 2016

More of Dublin

Saturday, Aug. 27 was a mild and mostly sunny day. Over all we had pretty good weather considering it kind of rains a lot in this very green country! There is a canal to cross in Dublin as well as a river - the picture below shows a scenic part of the canal.

A little further down the street was Merrion Square, where the Oscar Wilde memorial is. And, strangely, this throne :)  Annie's feet reach to the ground (almost?) whereas mine.....


I have no explanation for the next photo - should be one of those "caption this" photos.....what can you come up with?

This cute guy gave us an interesting and humorous tour of Trinity College. While listening to his posh accent and even posher buildings I was really wishing I'd studied harder in highschool :) We'll be back again tomorrow to see the Book of Kells!

The campanile at Trinity College. I could have sworn I straightened this photo; it's really not leaning to the right :) but I guess I was.

The little architectural gem really caught my eye - the Olympia Theatre - very art nouveau.

We also had a tour of the castle and royal chapel - very beautiful.

This person seems to be throwing their hands up in the air in disgust - NOT MORE TOURISTS OMG!

Lots and lots of tourists...oh, there's me!

and me again!

Some parts of the castle were how you'd imagine a castle to be, while other sections were built much more recently in the Georgian style of many of the larger homes in Dublin.

Spirals everywhere!

Some of the city streets were closed off to cars and filled with buskers.

This angel caught my eye :)

So did these guys - door handles! Don't they look like they are inviting you in? After bowing..."please to come in!"

You could have a lot of fun with this one right?  It did become a favourite of mine.....

I like taking food photos - they beat anything I could make at home. Plus they help me to tell when one day has ended amongst my thousands of photos....yummy chicken wings (I need the protein you know)...

Lunch was a frittata at a cafe called The Queen of Tarts.  I wonder if she knows the Galway Hooker?

Another mirror selfie! Really, I'm trying to figure out what priceless object would fit in my purse! Hah!

That's enough for today - I don't want to wear out your eyes too soon! In the real world I'm going to see The Beatles movie/documentary called  Eight Days a Week tonight. And I played volleyball for a couple of hours this afternoon though I was on a really sucky team and barely broke a sweat. Then I bought a bunch of clear liquids to drink all day tomorrow and then I have the lovely scope on Thursday :) I'm hoping for lots of drugs and a nice afternoon nap! And hopefully a weight loss of a few pounds! HAH!

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