Friday, October 28, 2016

Foto Friday: The WET Day or After the Storm Come the Rainbows!!

First came the rain, sheets and sheets of the stuff. Then the wind blowing from every direction finding its way inside my MONSOON coat (that's what it's called! LIARS!) Boots filled with water from slogging through the bog, sweating like the dickens inside my rain pants - no part of me was dry. 
No. Part. Of. Me.

I didn't get pictures of the worst of the storm for obvious reasons. Thankfully my phone and camera were still working at the end of the day. Once we finally hit the highway I put my legs into overdrive and powered through the next 2kms til we reached The Peacocke Hotel where we literally wrung water from our clothes and draped everything from the handy heaters. I had packed a change of clothes inside a plastic bag inside my backpack which was covered by a plasticky thingy. The clothes were damp. But a heck of a lot LESS damp than the ones I had on so I changed in the washroom. Then we availed ourselves of various libations :) I remember the pint and the Irish coffees but have no recall of what I ate. Well, I had my priorities straight! I mean...what do they always give to the damsel in distress? A big glass of brandy or whisky right? Am I right? Medicinal purposes only ;)

By the time we were picked up and transported to our B&B the sun was coming out. The nerve! The next day we were treated to rainbows and sunshine. The trails were flowing with water though due to all the rain. We hopped, skipped and jumped over dozens of rivulets and streams and puddles. Compared to yesterday's hurricane though jumping puddles was a cake walk.

Doesn't the picture below look like a painting?

Rainbows all over the place. We thought about heading cross country in search of a pot of gold (I figured we were due!) but likely we would have been swept downhill by a waterfall.

We had blue skies...

 clear landscapes...
 some threatening skies...I think we had a few sprinkles but nothing much...

Today we were headed to a mountain pass through the Maumturks and were getting up and personal with the gorgeous mountain range. Imagine waking up to this everyday!

Go away dark sky! I remember seeing the rain falling in the distance. The system gradually moved past us and we just got a few drops.

Well, tonight is the sleepover. Kazi is in charge :) Should be fun!

What are your weekend plans? Anything Hallowe'eny going on?

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