Friday, April 29, 2016

Fiscal Foto Friday

Here we are - it's Friday once again. And it's time to close out April's budget now that next month's money has magically appeared in my bank account.

Retire early if you can - it's wonderful! (Most parts of it)

I didn't do a weekly accounting post of my money in April - I knew it was going to disappear quickly and it did! But I had great times with relatives, I have a new thermostat installed (thanks JIM!) My sister and I found some great thrifting treasures, I bought new towels etc for my visitors, donated $50 to cancer, bought a plant for my sister-in-law when her mother died, bought some music from iTunes, spent $ at Michaels for decor items, bought an extra set of my dishes to replace inevitable breakage (50% off), paid for a prescription and got Dougie the Dodge in for an oil change. Phew!

I'd like to think that I can rein in my spending for May but I get to spend $108 (such a great gift for my birthday!! Thank you Ontario government!!) for a new license sticker for Dougie. Last year it was $98 and the year before that $75. Those are huge increases!!

Also I booked an AirBnB room in Dublin as I'm staying one more night at the end of our trip so that comes off my May budget. Booked and paid for. I really lucked out - the room is in a Victorian home right in the area I wanted. And she doesn't charge an exorbitant "cleaning fee" that a lot of the others were charging. I'd forgotten to book anything for that night so I feel fortunate to get such a nice place. A lot of places also want you to book for a minimum of 2 nights so again, I was lucky.

One year ago in photos...the weather was MUCH nicer than today! I'm getting a bit tired of the gloomy skies!
A gorgeous red trillium. Ontario's official flower is the trillium.

I was on a hike :)

Wild leeks!
Blood root

trout lily

Gotta go - a friend and some yummy Thai food awaits me!!

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