Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Relatives have left/I hope Spring sticks around!!

Lots of laughs, and some tears too. Thus endeth another memorable family get together. Not sure if I'll get out to PEI this year but it is a possibility.  I'll be back earlier than usual from my trip to Ireland (mid-September) so there would still be some lovely weather out east...probably... I could fly and get there is about 2-3 hours instead of driving for 20!

Just a few of us - my brother Gord, my seester Lannie, my
brother-in-law Jim and ME! 
My handy brother-in-law installed a new furnace thermostat in my condo :) the old one was stuck at 19c which I didn't mind but with summer coming I would like the option of using the A/C :|  He also pumped up my bicycle tires with a handy gadget he plugs into the lighter in his truck. I need one of those handy gadgets but I need to know what it's called! I don't think they'll know what I mean if I go into Canadian Tire and ask for a "handy gadget!"

The first time on my bike my butt was oh-so-sore but the second time it wasn't so bad. Maybe if my butt gets really toughened up it'll be smaller - HAH! 

I've been getting lots of walks in too in Kilally Meadows. Our weather has been extraordinarily nice these past few days. I ran into lots of wildlife - a male white-tailed deer leapt across the path in front of me on Sunday. I tracked it for awhile but couldn't get a photo, though got some good shots of a blue heron. Yesterday I saw (and photographed) a female deer and a rabbit. I also saw a snake and a chipmunk. Spring weather brings everyone out, including the flowers!

Blue Heron

I call this "one of these things is not like the other!"
No leaves on the trees yet but everything else is greening up. 
I don't recognize these flowers at all! 

Female white-tailed deer. She doesn't have white
chicklet teeth - it's just a wee twig!
Lannie - is this the pointed-leaf plantain?
 I wish this weather would stay forever but see rain and cooler weather in the forecast. Today is a cycling day - going to enjoy it to the fullest while I can :)

How's the weather where you are??

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