Thursday, December 3, 2015


I made this monoprint (so-called because only one print is made) by putting various colours of printing ink on a large piece of glass. Then, with various implements, I created a design. You can use anything: paint brushes or rollers, nails, combs, cloth, add other mediums like sand or turpentine - the sky is the limit! 

When you have it the way you want it you then lay a piece of paper down on the glass plate. With a cloth or clean roller you apply pressure so that the paper picks up the design. Your ink may spread, depending on the pressure and amount used creating different effects.

Then you carefully pull the new monoprint and set aside to dry. You could add more ink etc if you want to create another print but it too will be a monoprint because it won't be exactly the same as the first one.

I don't remember at the time if I was trying to create something that looks like a poinsettia but it does fit well into the season, I think.  I have more monoprints that I will gradually frame. And I recently bought some new ink as I get back into exploring this medium once again. It is so wonderful to feel motivated!

P.S. I emptied out a big plastic bin so I'd have a place to store my yarn - hahahaha! This bin isn't nearly big enough! There's another layer under what you see here. Most of which was purchased at my local thrift shop :) I can't wait to get started on my spool knitted rug!

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