Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Merry December

It doesn't seem much like December but I'm not complaining.  I budgeted $55 for heating and I got the bill today - $40!! There's an extra $15 going into my budget for December! Woops....cough, cough...spent more than that today...cough cough!

Tis the season....to over spend! Well, my goal is NOT to over spend this month but I can't say I'm off to a great start. But everything I bought were things that I need. Sorta. And I got great sale prices! One thing I've been putting off buying is a frame for a monoprint I made in the 1990's - it's about time it was framed don't you think? It was an unusual size - 12" x 12" but I did find a frame at Michael's today (there was one with a white frame and one with a dark frame - I got the dark) and it was marked down to $20.99. I have so many framed pictures on my walls created by other people, my brother Kim mostly, and I thought why don't I put up any of my own work?? I think it will be a good self esteem booster to see my own work framed on my walls. So there - that was a pretty juice rationalization was it not?? (I'll take a photo once it's in the frame and hanging on the wall!)

What else did I buy...OH, a spool knitting device - I thought I had one but after an exhaustive search I broke down and got a new one - it's pretty fancy schmancy as it has two sizes of spools and I got it for 50% off (had a coupon). My dad suffered from depression and anxiety for years and years and one thing he did was spool knitting to keep his hands busy. Women from all over the village would give him their leftover yarn and he made a HUGE oval rug and it's beautiful. I think my 2nd oldest sister has it. I've been going over to my local thrift shop once or twice a week and have been scoring some big bags of yarn for $2.99!! I'm gonna start me a rug!

I also bought some NEW yarn today that was marked down to $1.99 a skein (is that the right word?); variegated with browns, rust, cream. I am hoping to crochet Kazi and her boyfriend, Taylor, matching hats, or if I can't figure out the instructions I'll make scarves :)

Two other things slipped into my cart when I wasn't looking - a gorgeous beaded something or other that I'm going to give to a friend who makes beaded bracelets, I'm sure she'll take it apart for the beads. And a pair of black FLEECED tights still in their original package. (I'm assuming it will eventually get cold enough to wear them!) Original price - $16, I got them for $3.99. Hmmmmmm...kinda pricey!! Yuck yuck!

Finally - I was involved in a lot of "action" this weekend: another sit-in regarding Ontario Hydro, an afternoon of community sewing on 3 banners which we used on Sunday at London's rally for Climate Change. People in countries all around the world gathered together in support of taking ACTION for climate change. As our leaders gather in France it is to be hoped they make major progress in reducing the amount of CO2, methane and nitrous oxide polluting our atmosphere and endangering our planet.  Here are a couple of photos from that rally:
My friend Robyn and I

Me, Julie and Robyn

Keeping fossil fuels where they belong!

Our theme was "sunflowers" and this banner said Climate Justice

Let's hope and pray that progress is made in Paris.
 Yet to come: photos from York Day 3!

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