Monday, December 14, 2015


I can't get Adele's latest single out of my head! I. LOVE. IT. There's another version of "Hello" I like too, it's a more rocked out sound sung by Lukas Rossi who back in 2006 won "Rockstar Supernova" and the chance to play with members of Metallica, Guns n' Roses, and Motley Crue - a superband of sorts.  (Obviously they didn't have much commercial success). I don't usually watch shows like that but because Lukas was (and still is!) Canadian and super talented I got behind him and he won! Then I promptly forgot all about him, yes, I am fickle like that. I never thought of him again until his youtube version of "Hello" went viral. It's Adele's song so I prefer her lung power but Lukas really turns it on its head and gives it an amazing sound.

There endeth the music trivia for today. (Anyone tired of Christmas music yet??)

Well, what's happening in this wee corner of the universe? I've started to dream about crocheting so maybe it's time to put that aside for awhile! But lookee lookee! I've actually finished something!

Aren't I just a crocheting wizard?? My first ever dishcloth/washcloth in Christmas red. I saw on a website one of these folded twice with a lovely bar of soap on top secured with a Christmassy ribbon. It looked really cute - that's where I'm headed and I have another halfway done in green. If I can figure out how to add a border in white then I will. Otherwise- I won't.

I've made a wee bit of progress in Christmas preparations, though not much. I find it's much more fun to wait until the last minute and stress-buy instead! Hah! Okay people, I have the whole year now to prepare for Christmas so what gives? I was more prepared than this when I was working full-time! It seems the older I get the less Christmas spirit I have.  The worst part for me, I think, is trying to figure out what to get for the people on my list - everyone is OLD and already has a house full of stuff! People don't want or need or have the space for another doodad. So the past few years I've stuck to consumables - wine, homemade treats like cashew brittle or Christmas Crack and so on. Things gradually get eaten and drunk (HAH) and therefore take up no space. Sooooo I'm making a list today of what I need to buy to make said yummy treats and Kazi and I will bake next week.

Cards I have written and sent out, the house is decorated and semi-clean, get togethers planned with friends and family.

I received some really bad news the evening of the Mardi Gras and I know that has me feeling really sad. One of my friends that was at the dinner found out that day that she has two tumours in her uterus and will be having a biopsy this week. While she was at the cancer clinic she saw her sister-in-law, her brother and nephew. They had just found out that their three year old boy has leukemia! It's very serious and he's had a blood transfusion, samples taken from his bone marrow and spine and has already started on chemo. I went online to register for donating stem cells but was declined - they are only registering men between 17 and 35 who have an ethnic or idigenous background. I have to keep checking back.

Send out prayers my friends for this family as they go through a horrendously difficult time.

On a happier note...

CAT TV is back on with Luna and Lily being teased by Mr. Black Squirrel on a daily basis. He often comes right up to the patio door and pushes his rodent nose up against the glass and gleefully gives them the raspberry. They are not amused! But they are entertained!

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