Friday, December 4, 2015

Foto Friday

 One year ago today...

 Lily: nonchalontly waiting for a belly rub!

 Lily: ummm, hello?  I can only be cute for so long and then I'll have to shred the couch with my nails!

Getting ready for the new vinyl plank flooring in the basement!

  Lilu: persevering...maybe if I sit right in her lap she might rub my belly...

Had to hang on to these photos for when I got my new TV/fireplace set up. A techie I am not!

 Painting in the basement...

...and painting in the TV room...feline inspector on the prowl!

 Where is all my basement furniture? In my workroom!!

For an extra $65 Home Depot will deliver supplies right to your basement...instead of leaving them at the curb! Gee...thanks!

I can't believe it's been a whole year of enjoyment in our refurbished basement. Most evenings will find me down there by the cozy fireplace, riding my stationary bike and enjoying something on Netflix.

This project was a success!

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