Thursday, December 24, 2015

It's a Charlie Brown Christmas!

Poor Charlie Brown - destined to put that red ball on his wee tree for eternity! I know how he feels - my tree leans to the right and the star leans to the left. But I don't dare touch it - it just needs to stay in place for a week or so.

Oh crap, I made the mistake of leaning forward on my chair and now Luna is behind me - she's a rascal - if I leave my chair for 5 seconds she nabs it. She loves to be in or under - wherever it is warmest. This morning she climbed up on my bed between the comforter and upper sheet - she keeps me warm and lies very still while I meditate....she's a good girl.

Luna is like royalty - she moves solemnly and with great majesty. She reminds me of the great Sphinx with her legs stretched out in front of her. Lily is like the court jester - constantly running and jumping around, being silly. Right now she is running back and forth from the front door to the patio doors - there's a ginger cat out front and squirrels out back and it's driving her crazy. Luna just watches her with infinite patience. She knows Lily will get tired out eventually.

It is Christmas Eve. I hope everyone is settled in with their loved ones waiting the great arrival. From my home to yours I wish you the very best of Christmases!

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